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Our Seminar and Webinar Program

Among the educational offerings of the Natural Solutions Center are a series of Seminars held at the Center’s new facility in Volcan, Panama, and Webinars archived from them, or independently produced.

WebEx Webinar Access and Archives are posted at:

This web page is a compilation of certain portions of our educational program. The program includes: the Food Freedom eJournal, the Valley of the Moon Teaching Kitchen, Seminars held at the Center and Webinars produced throughout the world. You can learn more about the Center, and see some short videos of its August 2010 Grand Opening at:

Our previous Vital Connection Webinar Program:

Dr. Rima Consulting

Food Freedom eJournal

Two issues of the Food Freedom eJournal have been published on the Internet; they include hours of informative videos showing you how to engage in such self-help food activities as: building a greenhouse; planting a “square foot” garden; keeping chickens; making raw milk yogurt… See the videos at:

Seminar Offerings

September 19, 2010 in Manhattan, to be archived: Nicholas Cremato – “Find Yourself, Map Included…”
More information:

Webinar Offerings

Two Online Webinars with Dr. Rima and Gen. Bert, September 7, 2010
9PM EDT: Local Organizing for Health Freedom
10 PM EDT: Valley of the Moon
More Information:

September 21, 2010 Webinar with Ralph Fucetola JD:
Cautions for CAM Practices – Details Here.

Teaching Kitchen Classes & Webianrs

[To be posted.]

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