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I Am Adam Lanza’s Doctor

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012
I posted this in response to the “I Am Adam Lanza’s Mother” article that has been making the Internet rounds. In this time of horrific tragedy, let your voice be heard by decision makers: http://tinyurl.com/PsychDrugsKill. Please share this link with all your circles of influence. REL

I Am “Adam Lanza’s” Doctor


I have treated “Adam Lanza”, male and female, young and old, for decades.

I am a Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist. I did my psychiatric residency at Lincoln Hospital and, along with my child psychology residency, also at St. Luke’s Hospital of Columbia University.

I have worked with Autistic people of all ages, the Asberger’s Syndrome people, Schrizophrenic people, BiPolar people, Multiple Personality Disorder people, OCD, ADD, ADHD, and pretty much every other type of labeled person in my 42+ year career since graduating from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City.

And I have never written a prescription for a psychiatric drug. Or any other type of drug, for that matter.

I have, while serving as the Acting Director for a Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Ward of a large hospital not very far from Newtown, CT, looked at the drugged, disoriented, drooling and dangerous children in my care ranging from age 4 to 16 and take ALL of them off all psychiatric medication, weaning them carefully, of course, because I simply could not tell what we were dealing with other than drug-damaged brains and bodies of the young and very young kids I had under my care.

The nurses told me I could not do that because they could not contain the children. I asked them how they knew that since the children who were violent, homicidal and suicidal were ALL on drugs known to make them violent, homicidal and suicidal.

They told me that I could not do that and that they would go to the union to prevent me from taking the kids off their meds. I replied that the meds were not the kids’ meds. They were the staff’s meds since they kept the staff comfortable and feeling safe.

They went to the Union. I had my physician’s license in CT, a Union Card that trumped theirs.

The 4 year old on 11 different psychiatric medications who was toe walking (a sign of neurological damage in a 4 year old) and who wanted to die stopped drooling and spinning around in circles when she came off the meds.

I was the first person to ask he why she had plunged a knife into Mommy’s boyfriend’s leg when he was asleep. She told me “He was hurting me down there [pointing to her vagina] every night and Mommy would not stop him”. When the event occurred, she was medicated without a single person taking a moment to ask why the act had taken place.

You see, I am old enough to have learned my craft and art BEFORE the advent of untested, highly profitable, and totally unconscionable psychiatric drugs. I read the literature on these neurological poisons and saw that the long terms studies were absent, that the pediatric studies were absent and that the advertising-supported “impartial” journals were nothing more than paper prostitutes all dressed up in paper dresses and glossy ads.

I watched in horror as younger and younger children were placed on stronger and stronger drugs for less and less indication (although, admittedly, in my mind there is no justification for the use of any psychiatric drug).

I learned orthomolecular medicine and psychiatry. That works. I learned how to listen and move people toward emotional health. That works too. I learned how to employ NeuroBioFeedback to teach the brain how to regulate itself and the body in harmony with its capacity and needs. That works fantastically well. I learned how to use frequency medicine, homeopathy, herbal medicine, intravenous nutrition and a variety of other modalities which actually support healing. They work.

I learned how to use nutrition, diet and detoxification, for which I studied Environmental Medicine. That works.

What does not work is drugging the brain with toxins which create the very symptoms for which the drugs are given in the first place.

I have met and held “Adam Lanza’s” mother in my arms as she wept in fear and exhausted despair. And I have held her in my arms as she wept for the joy of having her child clear eyed and of sound mind not in moments of quick hope, but continually and consistently.

I have held “Adam Lanza’s” mother’s hand in court as we pressured his school to give him the education he needed, not the one that they made money on from destructive State subsidies for the correct diagnosis and another drugged kid.

I have sat with “Adam’s” brothers and sisters helping them to undo the trauma that Adam-on-drugs has brought to their lives.

“Adam Lanza” and I have spent hours together as he climbed out of the pit of his own psychosis, without drugs, confinement or violence, but not necessarily smoothly, either.

And I have attended the funeral of more than 1 “Adam Lanza” whose family pressured his mom, or whose divorced parent pressured the custodial parent through the Court, to put “Adam” on drugs – and then did not even have the good grace or decency to accept responsibility for his death.

We know of absolutely no chemical imbalance to account for mental and emotional illness. We know that genes are disrupted so function is distorted by a host of causes, chief among which are heavy metals like mercury and industrial poisons like formaldehyde, fluoride and foreign DNA and proteins which call forth an auto immune reaction and cause neurological disruption.

This is a type of expression of a larger cause of disability I have called “Genome Disruption Syndrome” or GDS (www.GDS-Therapy.com). It, not a psuedo-science “genetic drift”, accounts for the changes in the human genome which are linked to increased cancer rates, autism, increased diabetes rates and the other chronic, degenerative diseases which were virtually unknown in our grandparents and parents childhoods. The genome is the same. The genomic disruption is by no means the same.

Adam was, according to his uncle, being “treated” with Fantapt, a novel, and highly dangerous anti-psychotic previously rejected by the FDA for its high side effect profile, including aggression and psychosis.*

But he was also vaccinated. So this Adam Lanza was toxic with thimerosol (49.6% mercury by weight), formaldehyde, fluoride, MSG, foreign DNA, diploid cells, foreign protein, Polysorbate 80 (or “TWEEN”) and other systemic toxins injected into his body regardless of their toxicity and regardless of his ability to remove them from his body.

His mother, I must also presume, had no intent to harm him when she allowed his genome to be repeatedly overwhelmed with unnecessary and dangerous vaccines and then, similarly, with dangerous and unnecessary psychiatric medications. No, I am sure that she followed the perhaps-well-intentioned advice of experts who themselves have suspended their capacity to evaluate data and instead rely on the herd’s belief that since it is said so often, the safety and efficacy of the drugs and vaccines purveyed so beautifully in the journals and ads, seminars and trainings (complete with pizza and salad during a busy lunch in a windowless conference room in the clinic or hospital) must be safe and effective.

They are neither and the “Adam Lanza’s” and their mothers, sisters, brothers, fathers, neighbors and, today, his grieving neighbors in Newton, CT. can testify to that.

There is a time to say NO. That time has arrived. No to psychiatric drugs. There is ALWAYS a better way. More than half of the people who kill themselves are on psychiatric drugs.

No to vaccines. There could not be a worse way. Virtually every modern outbreak and epidemic takes place in the fully vaccinated, to which the vaccine pusher’s retort is, “Well, give people more vaccine doses since 2 (or 3, or 4 or more) did not work. Call them boosters!” I call them Genome Disruption.

No to GMOs which are likewise altering our very genome.

Psychiatric drugs kill both those who take them and those they turn on.

They are unnecessary and dangerous, but oh, so profitable.

See my video, blog and take action here now:

Let your voice be heard by decision makers:

All of our children are Adam Lanzas; all of them are his victims.

Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

Note: This video and essay were written in direct response to the brave woman who authored “I am Adam Lanza’s Mother” about her experience with a similar child. Just as she is not literally Adam Lanza’s mother, so I am not claiming to be the physician who treated Adam Lanza. Readers are invited to understand that as a Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist I have treated many patients like Adam Lanza but never met him before his tragic death.

* http://www.businessinsider.com/adam-lanza-taking-antipsychotic-fanapt-2012-12


Sunday, May 20th, 2012

The General Bert MultiSensor
A Post-Fukushima Solution
LINK TO UPDATED PAGE: http://www.GeneralBertMultiSensor.com

Threat: Unknown Radiation Exposure
Solution: Personal Sensor System

Joe Jesson, our guest on the Dr. Rima Truth Reports (May 20 and July 29, 2012) is a sensor specialist, IT engineer and a 2007 GE Edison honoree. General Bert, who commanded the US Army’s Electronic Research and Development Command (ERADCOM), has authorized Joe to develop a special, personal radiation sensor system.

General Bert’s commission to Joe is to develop the General Bert MultiSensor to give you urgently needed real-time information, such as radiation and other environmental hazard exposure, and your personal bio-marker response data.

Working with Dr. Rima, General Bert, Counsel Ralph Fucetola and Joe have identified critical markers which will quickly, easily and efficiently give you the information you need to protect yourself and your family.

But There is More

The General Bert MultSensor allows radiation data to upload to a special portal in near-real-time to allow users to generate and respond to real radiation information and generate timely warnings.

“It is very simple”, says General Bert, “the urgently needed radiation information requirement has abandoned by the governments, so we, the People, must become informed in order to protect ourselves. My technology puts information, the ultimate power, where it belongs: in your hands.

People like you, with families like yours, absolutely need this information to determine your risk and select your responses. Which is why I have directed my team to create the essential tool you must have in the post-Fukushima world.”

In collaboration with Doctor Rima, the General Bert MultiSensor has been designed to track your essential bio-markers under various environmental conditions. The Multi-Sensor is the modern, post-Fukushim, biofeedback solution.

Ready for more information?

To embrace the vital information in General Bert’s two Fukushima Related eBooks, click here: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?page_id=12202

Listen to Joe Jesson on the Dr Rima Truth Reports

(The Sunday July 29, 2012 archived broadcast)
Guest – Joe Jesson, Updating MultiSensor Progress

Joe Jesson wrote:

Open-Source Wireless Sensor Platform
– Internet of Things –
Case Study: Radiation Sensor Integration
Joe Jesson, CTO, XACT Technology LLC

Newest Revolution – The Internet of Things

When I went to purchase Geiger-Muller radiation sensor tubes for a project I was working on last year, I was quickly informed that all GM sensors and Geiger counters were sold out. The Fukushima crisis drove engineers, technical hackers, and citizen scientists to quickly build and launch radiation-monitoring points throughout Japan. Many people do not trust the official government information and took control of sensing radiation throughout Japan. Within weeks of the Fukushima radiation incident, over 2,000 sensors were reporting to the revolutionary and pioneering open portal known as Pachube!

Take a look at https://pachube.com/feeds?tag=radiation

The key to this speed in which these sensors were deployed is the selection of open hardware (open Arduino hardware was a favorite in monitoring this background radiation, and an open Portal, Pachube, integrated with code to quickly report and share radiation levels throughout. While this also requires an Ethernet or WiFi connection to the Internet in order to communicate to a portal, we are going to show how the XACT wireless GSM/GPRS board enables a complete mobile radiation detection sensor platform.

Joe Jesson Multi-Sensor

Tiny URL for this page: http://tinyurl.com/GenBertMultiSensor

Women’s Health Freedom Coalition

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

All Women & Men of Good Will Invited



The Battle of All Mothers This is the beta home page of the Natural Solutions Foundation’s Women’s Health Freedom Coalition — the WHFC. We need your support to build this effort. Please donate here.

Leslie Carol BothaJune 7, 2012: The Trustees are very pleased to announce the appointment of vaccine choice advocate Leslie Carol Botha as the Coordinator of the WHFC.

Leslie Carol Botha, Women’s Health Educator, author, publisher, and broadcast journalist is an internationally recognized expert on women’s hormonal health. Her work emphasizes the significance of the hormone cycle and its profound relationship to women’s psyche. Botha’s 30 years of research demonstrates how hormone changes/fluctuations in the menstrual cycle affect women’s physical, mental and emotional well being. More about Ms. Botha below.

July 30, 2012: The Coalition announces the creation of Mothers Against Radiation: the project to document and disseminate information regarding radiation readings in the Northern Hemisphere. Formal and informal chapters of the Coalition are asked to coordinate obtaining radiation detectors to share radiation information. “Thinking outside the box” Foundation President Maj Gen Bert Stubblebine (US Army ret) has authorized the development of the General Bert MultiSensor, bringing biofeedback to a new level, with environmental and biomarker data together in one low-cost, high-tech box. More about the General Bert MultiSensor here: http://tinyurl.com/GeneralBertMultiSensor. The MultiSensor is designed to implement the Geiger Counter plan announced on May 4. 2012 (see below) and the work of Coalition Chair Botha with womens biomarker biofeedback.

May 4, 201: Our Four City Tour (http://4citytour.weebly.com) is over and the first Chapters of the Womens’ Health Freedom Coalition are starting to form. Based on the discussions with the attendees at the Four City Events, we believe the first task of the Chapters, the first skirmish of the Battle of All Mothers, is to raise funds to purchase Geiger Counters so that each Chapter can begin to measure and publicize radiation readings in their local area. These readings will be reported on the WHFC Forum Discussion Group and begin to form a data base that decision makers cannot ignore.

General Bert’s Fukushima Estimate of Situation video is “going viral” and is impacting public discussion. The virtual “blackout” of public discussion of Fukushima is being breached. Even 60 Minutes just ran a 13 minute segment on Fukushima where Physicist M. Kaku told the world that the Northern Hemisphere is “hanging on by its fingernails…”


Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, says,

“Nothing else matters compared to this: Fukushima reactor No. 4 vulnerable to catastrophic collapse, chain of events could unleash 85 x the Cesium-137 radiation of Chernobyl. “Fate of the world” rests on solving this problem before an earthquake strikes again. North America could become uninhabitable by humans…”


If you want to form a local Chapter and want our WHFC Organizing eBook, please email your contact information to us at dr.laibow@gmail.com with “WHFC Chapter” in the subject line.


Forming a WHFC Chapter
Friendly Food CoOp
Blog Entries
Doctor Rima Network
GMO Fake ‘Phude’ [tbp]
Vaccines & Autism [tbp]
Childhood Cancer [tbp]



The Coalition grew out of a series of meetings and discussions in several cities across the United States over the first several months of 2012. It has been formed to organize the ways and means needed to prevail in “The Battle of All Mothers” — our effort to mobilize women (and men!) to demand, locally, nationally and planetarily, our Health & Food Freedom & Justice.

This beta page provides links to information and social networking that will facilitate coordinated, but independent, action. Please return to www.WomensHealthFreedomCoalition.org often — this site will grow and flourish!



If you want to form a local Chapter and want our WHFC Organizing eBook, please email your contact information to us at dr.laibow@gmail.com with “WHFC Chapter” in the subject line.

The first task of the Chapters, the first skirmish of the Battle of All Mothers, is to raise funds to purchase Geiger Counters so that each Chapter can begin to measure and publicize radiation readings in their local area. These readings will be reported on the WHFC Forum Discussion Group and begin to form a data base that decision makers cannot ignore. If you or an associate already has access to a geiger counter, please begin to record your readings noting: date, time, location (GPS if possible) and what was being tested. Please join the Free World Network discussion group (below) and start to post!



Women understand the strong connections among Food, Health and Family. We see the threats to all three coming from the Genomicidal Technologies that are weaponising the world against human survival. The “Battle of All Mothers” is a struggle for health, wholesome food and protected families.

As part of that effort, we have established the Friendly Food CoOp – the world’s first International CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) to replace the increasingly radioactive, GMO-laced “phude” (it looks like food and maybe even tastes a bit like food, but it is not!) available in the Northern Hemisphere. As we develop that capacity for the South (the deep south of South America and Africa) to feed the North, we offer connections to the best organic products currently available.

All this can be accessed here: www.FriendlyFoodCoOp.org.



1. Global Health Freedomwww.GlobalHealthFreedom.org
2. Our Twitter Feedwww.Twitter.com/HealthFreedomUS
3. The WHFC Facebook Page – [TBP]
4. The WHFC Discussion Group

[Please note: you need to sign-up for our Free World Network to join the Group.]

5. The WHFC Chat – [TBP]
6. Dr. Rima’s Network – www.HealMeDrRima.com
7. The Food Freedom eJournalwww.FoodFreedomeJournal.org



Read all of Dr. Rima’s Blogs here: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?page_id=219

The Vaccine Myth is Busted!
Ammunition for the Battle of All Mothers
Woman’s Right to Make her own Decisions about Her own Body
Natural Solution’s Friendly Food Co-Op – International CSA



You can see all of Dr. Rima and Gen. Bert’s videos here: www.YouTube.com/naturalsolutions.

Making Genocide Audible: The G-word Rap

Nutricide: Criminalizing Natural Health
The Globalist Genocidal Agenda



The original Dr. Rima Network site: www.DrRima.net

The new, under development, Heal Me Dr. Rima site: www.HealMeDrRima.com







Leslie Carol Botha, WHFC Coordinator
Holy Hormones Honey! The Greatest Story Never Told!

Leslie Carol Botha, Women’s Health Educator, author, publisher, and broadcast journalist is an internationally recognized expert on women’s hormonal health. Her work emphasizes the significance of the hormone cycle and its profound relationship to women’s psyche. Botha’s 30 years of research demonstrates how hormone changes/fluctuations in the menstrual cycle affect women’s physical, mental and emotional well being.

Botha is a member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research, and an advisory board member for the Cycles Research Institute.

In 2006, Botha received the Edward R. Dewey Award for her pioneering research on how women’s hormonal fluctuations affect their behaviors. The award was bequeathed by the Foundation for the Study of Cycles.

Her research is also featured in a new book titled: The World According to Cycles- How Recurring Forces Can Predict the Future and Change Your Life by Samuel A. Schreiner, Jr., published by Skyhorse Publishing, New York City. Schreiner has noted that Botha is “….one of the most prominent twenty-first century natural cycle thinkers.”

Currently Botha and her co-author Sandra H. Chevalier-Batik are developing a health curriculum for adolescents titled Girl’s Empowered – A Comprehensive Curriculum on Adolescent Health. The curriculum focuses on menstrual health education within an educational social, political and historical context of women’s worth, value and rights.

Botha and Batik have just released their e-book titled: Understanding Your Mind, Mood and Hormone Cycle; the first in a series on menstrual health education.

Over the past three years, Botha has been heavily involved and dedicated in using the media to share information with the public about the potential dangers of the HPV vaccines. She is a member of TruthAboutGardasil.org and is one of six women who presented research and data to the FDA in March of 2010 on the alarming statistics of Gardasil and Cervarix deaths, injuries and harm in comparison to other vaccines. She is the past Vice President of Public Relations for S.A.N.E. Vax, Inc. an organization dedicated to educating the public about the safety and efficacy of vaccinations.

Health & Food Freedom & Justice – 3rd Annual War Council – 2012

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Natural Solutions Foundation
Council Index

Your Voice for Global Health & Food Freedom & Justice™
Judge Napolitano and the TrusteesDr. Rima, Judge Napolitano, Counsel Ralph & Gen. Bert the morning before the War Council
Judge Andrew P. Napolitano’s Message to the War Council:

“The struggle for liberty goes far deeper than either the Republicans or Democrats imagined. Keep on doing what you are doing and don’t give up the struggle.”

Initial Estimate of Situation (EoS) Video
Link to Gen. Bert’s January 31, 2012 EoS
Dr. Rima’s G-Word Rap
Event Poster
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Guest Speakers
Letter from Dr. Rima

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The Initial Estimate of Situation Video
“Revealed at the War Council: You are already being chipped…” – Dr. Rima
2012 War Council

January 8, 2012 is Too Important to Miss!
Genomicide is Too Big to Succeed!
Stopping It is UP TO US!

Tiny URL for this page: http://tinyurl.com/2012WarCouncil
ARCHIVE & Estimate of Situation (EoS)

Link to General Bert’s written Estimate of Situation here:

Please remember that your donations to the Natural Solutions Foundation are, quite literally, Health Freedom’s Life Blood. Please Give Generously. End of Year Giving offers an important tax advantage to you and offers vital funding to us! Donate here: www.GlobalHealthFreedom.org

War Has Been Declared Against You, Your Family and Your Future. Genomicide is the Murder of Your Genetic Future. Join us for the 3rd Annual War Counsel as we say, “Stop Genomicide Now!”

Dr. Rima Raps – Making Genocide Audible

3rd Annual War Council

General Bert says, “Our Health, Our Food, Our Freedom and Justice are at stake. So are our lives. By the way, it is that important. Be there.”

Council Index

Join us live, in person, via Webinar or by Internet Radio. The Choice is Yours

Third Annual War Council: Be Part of the Solution – Naturally!
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2012 Health Freedom War Council

Council Index

Confirmed Speakers Include:

Hildegard Stanninger, PhD: Global Brain Chip and Mesogens: Nano Machines for Ultimate Control of False Memories
Foster Gamble: Making Sure “THRIVE” Is Not Just a Movie!
Tim Bolen: Loosing a Generation: Thank you, CDC, the Center for Deadly Corruption
Luba Diangar, MD: FDA Suppresses Radiation Free Mammography, Killing Women, Protecting Industry
Sharry Edwards, MEd Making Truth Audible: Free BioAcoustics programs for Health & Food Freedom & Justice advocates…
Plus Dr. Rima, General Bert and Counsel Ralph.

As you decide how you are going to attend the 3rd Annual Natural Solutions Foundation War Council,I wanted to share his note I wrote to Dr. Stanninger, a featured speaker at the T3 Annual War Council, and a valued guest on our Internet radio program, heard live (and via archives) every Sunday from 10 AM to noon, Eastern, www.HealthFreedomPortal.org

Dear Dr. Stanninger,

War has been declared against the people of Earth. But we are not ready to be the Every year for the past few years, Natural Solutions Foundation has brought people together at the beginning of the year for a War Council, to discuss where we have been and where we will be.

It was our pleasure to have you as one of our distinguished presenters at the First Annual War Council in 2010. I know that no one who heard you speak has forgotten your presentation!

This year, the 3rd Annual War Council will take place on January 8, 2012: People can attend live, via Webinar or Internet Radio. We would be honored to have you as one of our guests.

Our Mission is, in sum, “…to discover, develop, document, demonstrate and disseminate natural solutions to the impediment surrounding health and food coupled with achieving and maintaining a healthy self, community and world.”

But first, a bit of history: Gen. Bert (Maj. Gen. Albert N. Stubblebine III [US Army, Ret.]), our Foundation President and I had been growing increasingly distressed and concerned over the loss of our health freedom, briefly defined as our ability to exercise sovereign control over our own bodies through access to clean, unadulterated food, natural health options, the right to refuse coercive medial or other treatment and the free flow of information about health options.

We saw that the clearly articulated population reduction intentions of the globalists were being expressed through deadly and infertility-inducing drugs and vaccines (e.g., FDA, CDC, WHO, etc.), a degraded world food supply (e.g., USDA, Codex Alimentarius,WTO, WHO, FAO, ETC.), suppression of nutrients and related information (e.g., EFSD, FDA) and other genocidal tools deployed globally at an ever-accelerating pace.

We became so concerned, in fact, by the escalating developments and the fact that the people “on our side” appeared to be incapable of strategic analysis coupled with tactical deployment BEFORE the fact that we decided to close our highly successful medical practice (I was graduated from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 1970 and have practiced totally drug free medicine and psychiatry since then), create the Natural Solutions Foundation in late 2004 and, quite literally, marshal the forces and resources necessary to derail the genocidal globalist agenda.*

Codex Alimentarius, by the way, was created as an intentionally genocidal tool by the newly-released German genocidalist heads of IG Farben, the gigantic German civilian war machine. See my video, Nutricide, and my detailed article examining its development, The Killing Fields of Codex.

Since I had been watching the steady, and deadly, progress of Codex Alimentarius for more than a decade, and since the wildly destructive Codex Vitamin and Mineral Guideline was due for ratification on July 4, 2005, a mere half year away, one of the first things we did was approach Counsel Ralph Fucetola, JD, and ask him to solve the Codex Alimentarius problem at the legal level, creating a solution which any nation in the world, including the most nutritionally and economically fragile, could apply without engendering WTO trade sanctions.

He agreed and, with the able participation of Jim Turner, JD, these remarkable gentlemen put together the Codex Two Step Process. I turned it into a book, The Codex Book, which serves as a step by step guide and case study for the development of WTO Trade Sanction-Proof deviation from any of the Codex Standards and Guidelines for every nation which chooses this path for itself. You can download it Here.

The Foundation also produced a video of instruction on this tactic for Codex Delegates, which you can watch for free.

Once the book was complete and the legal strategy was perfected (and nations which have followed our Codex Two Step Process have, indeed, prevailed at the WTO dispute resolution level), Gen. Bert and I took to the road, visiting those countries which had not yet become the practical property of the Uber Cartel: Big Pharma and Big Medica which are Big Agribiz, which is Big Chema, which is Big BioTech, which is Big Pharma and Bigt Medica. We selected those countries which we felt still had a capacity to make their own food autonomy and sovereignty decisions.

We traveled widely in Africa and Asia meeting with heads of State, Ministers of Agriculture, Education and Health. When in India, for example, we had a private meeting with then-president Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalaam through the good offices of our dear friend, Dr. Monapa Hegde, MD in which we informed Dr. Kalaam about the problem, the WTO trade sanctions, etc. In fact, we were invited to help develop the regulations for the new Food Bill passed within a few weeks of our visit.

While traveling, I might add) in those countries which we felt could break away from the stranglehold of Codex and its industrially degraded food supply we realized that the Natural Solutions Foundation needed to create an Eco Demonstration Project which we could use as a school and training center for the BeyondOrganic BioDynamic Zero Emissions™ system of agriculture which can literally feed the world’s population without the use of chemicals, increasing crop yield, decreasing water use, increasing storage life, producing positive energy flow by generating more power than used from inexpensive, safe, intuitive, totally non-contaminating technologies and accomplish two things:

1. create a local inexpensive clean food supply at the highest standards and
2. create an international market for those clean foods at a premium market.

We have been gifted by a supportive universe, it would seem, with a number of technologies with which to do exactly that and they are available for deployment at minimal cost, requiring no education, no special machinery, no replacement, but requiring attention to restoration of the fertility and diversity of the microcosm of the soil. Fortunately, we have technologies for that as well to rapidly and safely clean the soil of petrochemical residues and restore high level fertility to it.

We understand, as I know you do, that the health of a populace is directly related to the life sustaining capability and capacities of its food supply, which includes its herbs and nutrients.

We anticipate that not only will the widespread application of this program increase the effective wealth of the society, starting with its farmers, enabling them to stay on the land and earn a decent wage (thus thwarting one of the major thrusts of the globalist genocidal agenda: the industrialization of food and food production) because of the decrease in the cost of seed and supplies, but the actual wealth of the society will be increased by the decline in health care costs and the sale of affordable food on the domestic market and premium food on the international market.

Additionally, through the support of market strategies which provide a ready, and fairly priced, market system for the farmers, and a connection to their customers, the social fabric of the local and larger communities will be strengthened.

And we believe, based on our investigation of the most promising food production regions of the planet, that one of the two most important potential food production areas in the world is the Indus-Ganges Basin, despite the considerable challenges which its sustainable, responsible, clean and socially responsible exploitation presents.

Fine theory, of course, but useless unless put into action. When we established our Valley of the Moon Eco Demonstration Project in Volcan, Chiriqui, Panama, we decided to incorporate clean food technologies and techniques, natural health technologies and techniques and social structure support (including farmer education, market strategies, land reclamation, etc.

Since premium Panamanian coffee is a critically important cash crop, heavily sprayed and contaminated to prevent crop loss (and resulting in horrific health problems for workers and consumers alike, to say nothing of the ecological devastation caused by conventional coffee growing techniques), we purchased an abandoned, derelict coffee “finca”or farm and reclaimed it according to our principles, sharing then freely with all interested parties.

Although we did not expect to have a decent crop for 3 years, our first year of harvest of Valley of the Moon™ Friendly Food Certified Coffee (Friendly to the Earth, to the Worker and to the Consumer) was outstanding. www.ValleyoftheMoonCoffee.com

Using more of same as our sole input, we have created a stunningly good coffee. We are now expanding our production to more derelict farms in the area (farmers here cannot afford the chemical sprays so increasing numbers are simply forced to abandon their fields, a situation not unlike many world-wide). Our coffee is seriously under-priced, according to the experts. Our crop has doubled each of the 4 years we have harvested and roasted our coffee.

The possibilities for other food production, animal and plant based, in Panama and around the world, is virtually limitless.

We envision a series of linked classrooms, market structures, health systems and educational inputs which are, literally, globe- and game-changing — and we look forward to discussing all this with you.

Meanwhile, perhaps you would find my new video, Making Genocide Audible, to be of interest.This video, like so much of our work at the Natural Solutions Foundation, is to help people face the unbearable squarely, with clear minded determination born of understanding, to have the information and strength to avert that unbearable reality.

You might also find The Globalist Agenda interesting as well, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gWmVtn5JsA along with Nutricide, Nutricide and The Genocidal Feast.

Our principle website is www.GlobalHealthFreedom.org. Website information about our remarkable Eco Demonstration Project here in Highlands of Panama can be linked from www.MyValleyoftheMoon.com. This is the link to our Food Freedom eJournal – www.FoodFreedomeJournal.org.

Lastly, this is what we’ve reluctantly concluded:

Weaponized Pathogens
— like the fake avian & swine flu “pandemics” or the new super-e. coli, plague DNA inserted;
Weaponized “Phude”
— fake food — dangerous GMOs & degraded organic standards; the “fruit” of Codex Alimentarius;
Weaponized Vaccines (& Other Drugs) —
— with their childhood-destroying toxins, and
Weaponized Environment;
— radioactive & toxic, in a vile synergistic mix.

All of this leading to Genocide via Genomicide…

I look forward, as do my fellow Trustees, Gen. Bert and Ralph Fucetola, JD, to your input, planning and of understanding depth to spread the reality, and halt the genocidal march…

For Health & Food Freedom & Justice,
Dr. Rima

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

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General Bert’s Statement to Occupy Wall Street about Health & Food Freedom & Justice for World Food Day

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Natural Solutions Foundation
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General Bert’s Emergency Message to
Occupy Wall Street
On the Occasion of World Food Day

Albert N. Stubblebine IIIOur friends and allies in the New York Vaccine Choice Movement are very active, as you may remember from the Stop the Shot efforts of several years ago. With increased pressure in recent months from official and semi-official agencies to again force health care workers to expose themselves and their patients to the uninsurable risks of vaccination, the New York group has increased its PUSH BACK as well. We salute them on those efforts!

Video version of the Message is below.

Planned for October 15, 2011, the NY advocates decided to bring the Health & Food Freedom & Justice message to those occupying Wall Street, #OWS. The Natural Solutions Foundation agreed to support the action to help educate decision makers about public opposition to forced vaccination. The trustees prepared a statement from the President of the Foundation, General Bert. The statement was to be read to the rally by Counsel Ralph, as he did for General Bert in 2008 at the End the Fed Rally, which was held near the scene of the current events. You can see our video of that here: http://youtu.be/R9PSETSdTgw

The Health & Food Freedom & Justice Rally has been delayed due to the possibility of a dangerous situation developing at OWS in the next few days, so we thought we’d share General Bert’s statement with you all by posting it here.

The Message is on the occasion of World Food Day, October 16, 2011 – http://www.worldfooddayusa.org/ –

“World Food Day… is a worldwide event designed to increase awareness, understanding and informed, year-around action to alleviate hunger.”

In this context we also note the WHO/FAO’s 2003 Statement on Diet, Nutrition and the Prevention of Chronic Diseases – http://www.fao.org/DOCREP/005/AC911E/AC911E00.HTM.

Media Release regarding Gen. Bert’s Message: http://tinyurl.com/GreedThreatensGlobe

Gen. Bert delivered the Message on October 16, 2011 via the Dr. Rima Reports Internet Radio Program and that discussion starts at about 65 minutes into the Program, which is archived at: www.HealthFreedomPortal.org.

The YouTube video version of the Message is here:

There can be no true reform, no Health & Food Freedom & Justice without addressing the central issue of the control of health and food choices by the crony corporatist elite and its minions in government bureaucracy.

Gen. Bert’s Emergency Message to Occupy Wall Street

Take this video viral!

General Bert’s #OWS Message
Planned for Delivery on 10.17.11 [Posted as of 10.15.11]
Tiny URL for this page: http://tinyurl.com/Bert2OWS

“War is not good for children or other living things…” said those who protested and resisted the Viet Nam war, at a time when I was commanding US Army intelligence units in the jungles of Viet Nam – and being doused with Agent Orange, because of which I subsequently developed three separate cancers, while my government denied they had harmed me – or the people of Viet Nam.

Today we are at war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, and, increasingly involved in expansive, and expensive, imperial entanglements around the world. But there is another war being waged against US, right here at home. “Trillions and trillions wasted…” as Dr. Ron Paul says.

There is another war being waged right now, right here in America and the rest of the world; it is not a war for territory or gold or oil: this is a war for EVERYTHING! This is a war fought by the corporate state for your minds and bodies: the combatants are you and I, facing the forces of greed and corruption, the linked state and corporatist forces that want you ill and, should they chose to make it so, dead. And they do chose those fates for you and your loved ones.

This war, conceived and conducted by agents of the worst of the crony companies like Monsanto and the rest of Big Ag, Big Biotech and Big Pharma, working with their buddies in Big Oil and Big Banking, and their minions in big, bigger, even biggern government, is rapidly transforming our beautiful world into a World Weaponized Against Humanity.

You can see our videos about the Weaponized World at www.HealthFreedomUSA.org

Today I want to talk to you about intentional, carefully planned “genomicide”, the alteration of our very DNA so that it cannot support reproduction, health or, indeed, life itself. There are three genomicidal technologies which have the capacity to damage or destroy the genome – the DNA – of all life on earth which are the principle weapons in this war.

These technologies are also heavily subsidized and supported by the bought and paid for political leadership; they are the crony technologies which are, in truth, the Weapons of Mass Destruction which you and I must fear, and must eliminate:

Nuclear Power, Vaccines and other environmental toxins and the GMOs or genetically modified organisms.

These are the Technologies of Genomicide and they are, daily, without the sound of bombs bursting in air, without the rockets’ red glare, weaponizing the world against humanity – against you, and me and our children’s children, if there are any.

The genomicidal Weapons of Mass Destruction represent unthinkable, and, in fact, uninsurable risks to our entire world. That they are dangerous to children and other living things should be obvious to all thinking people.

Vaccines are the first threat to our children – even before they are born, now that our insane public policy is to demand that pregnant women receive vaccines! Vaccines must, MUST, be rejected by any caring, knowledgeable parent. Propaganda to the contrary not withstanding, injecting toxins into living organisms, adult, juvenile, infant or fetus, is quite literally insane. It is that simple. Although not defined as such, the reality is that doing so is child abuse. And adult abuse. And elder abuse (and, for those who are thinking about their pets, animal abuse as well!)

Vaccines have NEVER prevented or cured a single disease except the dreaded PPD, Pharmaceutical Poverty Disease. Let’s be clear: vaccines are a hoax, just as the safety of mercury or of squalene is a hoax. The “science” upon which vaccines rest is as corrupt as any pseudoscience has ever been. The health care impact of this pseudoscience is enormous. The risk-free profits are enormous.

The battle is joined. Your life and mine are under attack. Our freedoms, our survival, are literally at stake.

We demand an end to all mandated vaccines.

We demand unambiguous freedom to chose, or reject vaccines in our schools, our workplaces, in our lives, for ourselves and for our children.

We demand that the US Government and its political class, people like Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, stop supporting the voodoo “science” of vaccination and allow the People to take total control of their own health care decisions. NO MORE FORCED VACCINES! NO FORCED DRUGGING! NOW!

Nuclear Power, another of the Genomicidal technologies, is another unthinkably dangerous and uninsurable threat to our children. We mourn with the parents of Japan, faced as they are with the escalating dangers of the reactors that continue to spew forth in Fukushima and elsewhere, spreading death everywhere throughout this world. We mourn with them as they watch their children sicken and die, while their government tells them all is well… and the radiation mounts that will kill them AND their beloved children.

While the FDA tries to make nutritional supplements as unavailable as they are in the EU, taking away yet more options from you for your own health and health choices, Natural Solutions Foundation is moving in exactly the opposite direction – we know nutrition is a powerful tool for wellness and are using that tool in Japan.

You see, the Natural Solutions Foundation has established its Lollipops of Life for the Children of Fukushima initiative, www.LollipopsofLife.com, working with Dr. Chris Busby’s Foundation in Japan and Dr. Michael Sigler’s Live Well Pharmacy in Panama to demonstrate the vital importance of nutritional protection from the dangers ionizing radiation.

Dr. Rima Laibow has formulated the protective pops with the help of other nutritional medicine experts and we will be distributing them free to the children of Fukushima.

Nuclear, or ionizing radiation, like the other genome-destroying technologies, destroys through free radical formation causing free radical cascades that damage the DNA, changing it forever, down through the generations, if there are generations to come.

Dr. Rima, Medical Director of the Foundation, has created an anti-oxidant and radioprotective formula that can be added to BeyondOrganic™ candy to ensure that the Children of Fukushima have a chance to survive and thrive in this weaponized world.

Why don’t children here in the US have the Lollipops of Life option to protect them from the escalating radiation contamination they face in their food water and air? Because the FDA has made it very clear that nutritional supplements in a formulation and presentation which children like is unacceptable to them. Dr. Rima jokingly suggested that perhaps if we made dirt-flavored radio-protective lollipops for American kids, the FDA might approve them.

Please support this important initiative at www.LollipopsofLife.org and share it as widely as you can with your friends and colleagues.

My message to you today is simple, and similar to the message I asked my Co-Trustee Counsel Ralph Fucetola, JD, who is speaking to you today on my behalf to deliver back in 2008 at the End the Fed rally that was held a short distance from Wall Street, at the Federal Reserve Building.

At that time the Natural Solutions Foundation joined Dr. Ron Paul in warning of a pending economic crisis. That crisis is now upon us. It is a crisis created by political greed and wrong-headed economic policies.

We joined Ron Paul then calling for an end to the Federal Reserve System and a return to Constitutional Money. Those important monetary reforms are more necessary now than ever before. I urge you to become educated about Dr. Paul’s Monetary Reform Bills HR 1094, 1098 and 2768 and to help educate decision makers about them.

Yes, there is a war for, no let me correct that, AGAINST your minds and bodies. You are the front line troops in that undeclared but ultimately lethal war. It is a war where the perpetrators, the US ruling class of political cronies, claim all they need is more power over our lives and they will “save” us from the disasters their power has carefully unleashed upon us.

We reject that centralizing tyranny over our bodies, choices and minds. We reject the notion that only more power in the hands of Federal authorities will save us from the harms caused by amalgamated Corporate/Federal power.

As Dr. Paul says of the FDA, giving that agency more power over our Health and Food is giving it more “power to abuse.”

We call for the end to the abuse of power!

We call for an end to the excessive political power exercised by Wall Street and its corporate cronies in Washington.

We demand the restoration of the Constitutional Republic.

We declare sovereignty over our bodies and our lives, as the Constitution of these United States documents that we already have. And we declare an end to forced vaccination and drugging.

Our lives, the lives of our children and the survival of all living things depend on it!

Please tell everyone in your social network about www.LollipopsofLife.org

Follow us on twitter.com/healthfreedomus and on facebook.

Ingredients_Healthy_FoodTomorrow, Sunday Ocotober 16, 2011 is World Food Day, when we pause and consider ending world hunger, mal- and under-nutrition. We will discuss the issue of Health & Food Freedom & Justice on tomorrow’s Dr. Rima Reports.

Please join us every Sunday morning from 10 AM to 1 PM for the Dr. Rima Reports at www.HealthFreedomPortal.org.

Thank you,
For Natural Solutions Foundation
General Bert

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