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Natural Solutions Foundation Announces
International Decade of Nutrition
Make DSHEA the Global Standard!
End Diseases of Under Nutrition!

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September 5, 2006 — Today is the first day of the Natural Solutions Foundation’s Decade of World Nutrition. We issued a press release announcing this innovation in world health today.
By September 5, 2016 our goal is to make DSHEA the global standard for dietary supplements. Nutrients will be treated as foods, not toxins, all over the world. Enhanced nutrient density in foods and dietary supplementation, chemical free farming, and foods free from irradiation and genetic modification can eliminate the global scourge of the preventable diseases of under nutrition. According to the World Health Organization they include:

  • Cancers
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity

What prevents the diseases of under nutrition?

What therapy “treats and cures” the diseases of under nutrition?

Here in the US we have a magnificent tool to help end world hunger and promote world health. Let’s make a gift of that tool to the rest of the world.

What’s the tool?

The Natural Solutions Foundation is spearheading this effort with your help and participation. Poverty, poor education, demineralized soil, nutrient-depleted, prepared “MacFood”, toxins, poor storage and transportation infrastructure, war and famine all help to create under-nutrition. Dietary supplements (including herbs) can help eliminate it. Cheap, efficient, effective and easy to use, supplements are crucial to ending world hunger and promoting world health.

Here we go!

Ending world hunger and promoting world health in a decade may just be so simple it hurts and so easy it sings! Give high doses of good quality nutrients. Classify them as foods, not toxins. Make high potency, high nutrient-density supplements easily and readily available. In other world, make DSHEA the world standard for dietary supplements. That means spreading the word about the “Codex 2 Step”. That’s why we visit countries in Africa and Asia where the preventable diseases of under nutrition account, according to the World Health Organization, for more than 59% of the disease burden!

WOW! What a concept!
“Cure” under nutrition with nutrients!

As a nutritional physician, I know that high potency, high quality nutrients (like the ones you will shortly be able to purchase from us — stay tuned) prevent and treat the major killers listed above (and many other diseases, too) efficiently, safely and inexpensively. The only reason that we have open, unrestricted access to high quality, high potency dietary supplements and herbs is because consumers like us made enough noise back in the 90’s when Congress was fixing to take away all of our nutrients (just like Codex is trying to do now).

We, the consumers, made so much noise that Congress backed way, way down, did an abrupt about-face and passed DSHEA, the Dietary Supplements Health and Education Act, by unanimous Congressional consent! Every single member of Congress said, “Right! Your supplements and herbs are foods, not toxins. Since they are foods you can have as much of them as you want. You get to decide for yourself, not have your doses fixed by some distant bureaucrat.” That precious health freedom gives Americans life-saving natural health options that I depend upon for myself and my patients. I am sure you do, too.

Codex’ Vitamin and Mineral Guideline, of course, goes in exactly the opposite direction, treating nutrients as toxins and telling countries they must restrict them to such low doses that they have no effect at all. That’s why we have offered alternatives for Health Conscious Nations.

DSHEA is the key to ending world health and promoting world hunger!
We’ve had it since 1994! It’s time to share it!

Together we can change the global face of illness to the face of health in the next 10 years.

Celebrate the start of theNatural Solutions Foundation
Decade of Nutrition!

To bring DSHEA principles to the rest of the world, we have to deal with the deadly Codex Vitamin and Mineral Guideline. If you’ve read the Codex eBook you understand how, working with innovative attorneys in the health field, we developed the “Codex 2 Step” to bring the gift of DSHEA to the rest of the world. To accomplish this, they drafted a model Alternative Vitamin and Mineral Guideline and a model International Dietary Supplement Act, based on DSHEA, but even stronger, for Health Conscious Nations to adopt.

Of course, you also know a global program like this is very expensive. So, to celebrate the Natural Solutions Foundation Decade of Nutrition, we want to say “thank you” with a hard copy of both the Codex eBook and Nutricide: the DVD when you make a tax deductible contribution of $1500 or more during the month of September.

Smaller donations are, of course, much appreciated as well. (And thanks so much for continuing to respond to our request for support!)

Give the gift of nutrition: help us bring DSHEA to the world to end world hunger and promote world health by the end of the Decade of Nutrition in 2016!

You know that the Natural Solutions Foundation, with your help, has studied Codex and the World Trade Organization (WTO) long and hard. You know that with our outstanding team of lawyers and the Citizen’s Codex Working Group we have found the solution to Codex which any country can use to:

  • Protect its population from dangerous Codex standards and guidelines
  • Protect its economy from disastrous WTO trade sanctions if it doesn’t follow the Codex “texts” (as they are called).

Codex is about food. Health is, in large measure about food. DSHEA is all about food. Codex says you can’t associate health benefits and food components. I say you can’t separate them!

Let’s take American nutrient know-how and use it to eliminate the preventable diseases of under nutrition. We’ve got 10 years (minus 1 day) to do it.

Let’s get cooking!

Yours in health and freedom,
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director


The Natural Solutions Foundation briefed the Codex staff of the Indian Ministry of Health and Ministry of Food Protection Industries, responsible for developing regulation of the Indian Food Safety and Standards Act (2006) and was asked to work with those organizations to develop the regulatory structure which will govern food and nutritional policies in India, the world's second largest country.

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"I respect and admire what you are doing. I just wish this whole country would wake up! Stop worrying about what team won what, and pay attention to what's important."



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