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Email Newsletter from September 24, 2009

NY Rally

Forced Vaccination is a Disease!
Let’s Stop It’s Spread NOW!

Urgent in this issue –

NY 09/29 Rally Responds to
Forced Vax while Complaints
Head to Courts


Video of the Week: Judge Napolitano
NY 09/29 Capitol No Forced Vax Rally
Push Back!
Action Items
Dr. Rima Recommends

Video of the Week

1. A few weeks after reaching out to respected FOX commentator Andrew Napolitano with access to our information, we noticed comments by him on the air regarding vaccinations and other health impositions.

Judge Napolitano may have taken our analysis very seriously indeed since in this video he confirms our interpretation of the coming medical fascism point for point.

Thank you, Judge, for speaking truth to … well, to everyone listening to you, the conscious, the powerful, the meek and the newly awakening alike. Fox News got it right this time!


2. This just in from our friend Alex Jones: 6 NY Nurses fired for resisting the jab!


New York 09/29 Rally:
No Forced Vaccinations!


New York is the first state to force the flu vaccine jab on all healthcare workers who have patient contact. The Nurses, Doctors, Therapists etc know all about vaccines… and they want no part of them! Some polls suggest well over 50% do not want the jab!

Come Join healthcare workers and no forced vaccination health freedom civil rights advocates at the State Capitol Building, South Capitol Lawn, 10:00 AM Tuesday, September 29th.

Hear nutrition and health guru Dr. Gary Null and our own Counsel Ralph Fucetola JD, among others, speak truth to power… speaking of which, read the message we sent to the State Department of Health telling them about our concerns here:


Help stop the spread of forced vaccination… a disease of the body politic!


Help Float the Health Freedom Boat by making two, that’s two recurring tax deductible donations, large or small.

Make one, ending in the number “6”, to earmark your donation to our Legal Freedom Defense Fund AND make another to support the most effective health freedom organization in the world, Natural Solutions Foundation. Click here NOW!

Push Back the Specter of Sebelius Syndrome: Death in a Syringe

Right now, we need to keep up the pressure by sending this No Forced Vaccine Action Item for every member of your family and motivating everyone you know to do the same: http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/568/campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=27275

We also need to support Dr. Ron Paul’s bills to guarantee us the right to share truthful health information without the FDA gag rules that limit what can be said and give the government openings to attack companies and professionals who are telling the truth about their products, but being attacked for it.

Click here,


End FDA gag rules on health-related information.

These gag rules are part of “HARMonziation” with Codex.

End this part of it here.

That might make people more anxious to demand the right to self shield rather than take the vaccine or face incarceration. You know where the link is, but here it is again for those of you who want it now:



For those of you who joined the Citizens Petition seeking Emergency Relief, thank you. Dozens of thousands of you joined the petition for yourself and and for your organizatiions. That gave us a strong showing in the FDA process. Once the FDA ignored us, they gave us yet more ammunition in the coming Court case.

Natural Solutions
Volunteers and Interns

The Natural Solutions Foundation needs volunteers to do research, administrative work, help with organic gardening, building, support our many functions and help to keep us growing. You can come to the beautiful temperate, bountiful Highlands of Panama and become a part of the Natural Solutions Foundation’s Volunteer Corps. Visit our main Natural Solutions Foundation Volunteer’s page, www.NatSol.org and our Health Freedom Volunteers’ Forum,

and join us on our weekly 10 PM Eastern Wednesday night conference call 219-509-8322, PIN 937848#

We have building projects, marketing and development ones, administrative, communication, and a host of other needs. If you are interested in either an Expense Paid Volunteer Position (Room and Board in Volcan, Panama) or in joining the roll of Health Freedom Volunteer Sponsors, please join the Forum and contact Ralph Fucetola at ralph.fucetola@usa.net or me at dr.laibow@gmail.com with “Volunteer” as the subject.

We invite you to become a part of Valley of the Moon Eco Demonstration Project’s exciting development by joining our VotM Forum, visiting us in Panama and become a part of the community building there, either as a volunteer, a practitioner, a Joint Venture Partner or a permanent resident – or all 4! Click this link to learn more about the Eco Demostration Project and join the NSF-Panama Forum:

Rima LaibowNotes and Recommendations
from Dr. Rima

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Action Items!

Take each Action Item once for each person in your family:

  • Join STOP THE SHOT FDA Action

Videos of the Week!

Exclusive Interview with Jane Bergermeister



Read more… http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=3339

And take a look at Dr. Rima’s latest video:


Rima LaibowYours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation


The Natural Solutions Foundation briefed then President of India, Abdul Kalam, in a lengthy private meeting on the threat presented by Codex and advised him on protective action India should take. Passage of a protective food bill followed shortly after our meeting.

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"I learned a great deal this past weekend, despite missing some of the talks... due to the primary agenda that I had to spread the information that I had brought with me. I understand that due to the fact I paid for the live event, I can watch what I missed live on the Internet for free."



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