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General Bert’s Statement to Occupy Wall Street about Health & Food Freedom & Justice for World Food Day

Friday, October 14th, 2011

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General Bert’s Emergency Message to
Occupy Wall Street
On the Occasion of World Food Day

Albert N. Stubblebine IIIOur friends and allies in the New York Vaccine Choice Movement are very active, as you may remember from the Stop the Shot efforts of several years ago. With increased pressure in recent months from official and semi-official agencies to again force health care workers to expose themselves and their patients to the uninsurable risks of vaccination, the New York group has increased its PUSH BACK as well. We salute them on those efforts!

Video version of the Message is below.

Planned for October 15, 2011, the NY advocates decided to bring the Health & Food Freedom & Justice message to those occupying Wall Street, #OWS. The Natural Solutions Foundation agreed to support the action to help educate decision makers about public opposition to forced vaccination. The trustees prepared a statement from the President of the Foundation, General Bert. The statement was to be read to the rally by Counsel Ralph, as he did for General Bert in 2008 at the End the Fed Rally, which was held near the scene of the current events. You can see our video of that here: http://youtu.be/R9PSETSdTgw

The Health & Food Freedom & Justice Rally has been delayed due to the possibility of a dangerous situation developing at OWS in the next few days, so we thought we’d share General Bert’s statement with you all by posting it here.

The Message is on the occasion of World Food Day, October 16, 2011 – http://www.worldfooddayusa.org/ –

“World Food Day… is a worldwide event designed to increase awareness, understanding and informed, year-around action to alleviate hunger.”

In this context we also note the WHO/FAO’s 2003 Statement on Diet, Nutrition and the Prevention of Chronic Diseases – http://www.fao.org/DOCREP/005/AC911E/AC911E00.HTM.

Media Release regarding Gen. Bert’s Message: http://tinyurl.com/GreedThreatensGlobe

Gen. Bert delivered the Message on October 16, 2011 via the Dr. Rima Reports Internet Radio Program and that discussion starts at about 65 minutes into the Program, which is archived at: www.HealthFreedomPortal.org.

The YouTube video version of the Message is here:

There can be no true reform, no Health & Food Freedom & Justice without addressing the central issue of the control of health and food choices by the crony corporatist elite and its minions in government bureaucracy.

Gen. Bert’s Emergency Message to Occupy Wall Street

Take this video viral!

General Bert’s #OWS Message
Planned for Delivery on 10.17.11 [Posted as of 10.15.11]
Tiny URL for this page: http://tinyurl.com/Bert2OWS

“War is not good for children or other living things…” said those who protested and resisted the Viet Nam war, at a time when I was commanding US Army intelligence units in the jungles of Viet Nam – and being doused with Agent Orange, because of which I subsequently developed three separate cancers, while my government denied they had harmed me – or the people of Viet Nam.

Today we are at war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, and, increasingly involved in expansive, and expensive, imperial entanglements around the world. But there is another war being waged against US, right here at home. “Trillions and trillions wasted…” as Dr. Ron Paul says.

There is another war being waged right now, right here in America and the rest of the world; it is not a war for territory or gold or oil: this is a war for EVERYTHING! This is a war fought by the corporate state for your minds and bodies: the combatants are you and I, facing the forces of greed and corruption, the linked state and corporatist forces that want you ill and, should they chose to make it so, dead. And they do chose those fates for you and your loved ones.

This war, conceived and conducted by agents of the worst of the crony companies like Monsanto and the rest of Big Ag, Big Biotech and Big Pharma, working with their buddies in Big Oil and Big Banking, and their minions in big, bigger, even biggern government, is rapidly transforming our beautiful world into a World Weaponized Against Humanity.

You can see our videos about the Weaponized World at www.HealthFreedomUSA.org

Today I want to talk to you about intentional, carefully planned “genomicide”, the alteration of our very DNA so that it cannot support reproduction, health or, indeed, life itself. There are three genomicidal technologies which have the capacity to damage or destroy the genome – the DNA – of all life on earth which are the principle weapons in this war.

These technologies are also heavily subsidized and supported by the bought and paid for political leadership; they are the crony technologies which are, in truth, the Weapons of Mass Destruction which you and I must fear, and must eliminate:

Nuclear Power, Vaccines and other environmental toxins and the GMOs or genetically modified organisms.

These are the Technologies of Genomicide and they are, daily, without the sound of bombs bursting in air, without the rockets’ red glare, weaponizing the world against humanity – against you, and me and our children’s children, if there are any.

The genomicidal Weapons of Mass Destruction represent unthinkable, and, in fact, uninsurable risks to our entire world. That they are dangerous to children and other living things should be obvious to all thinking people.

Vaccines are the first threat to our children – even before they are born, now that our insane public policy is to demand that pregnant women receive vaccines! Vaccines must, MUST, be rejected by any caring, knowledgeable parent. Propaganda to the contrary not withstanding, injecting toxins into living organisms, adult, juvenile, infant or fetus, is quite literally insane. It is that simple. Although not defined as such, the reality is that doing so is child abuse. And adult abuse. And elder abuse (and, for those who are thinking about their pets, animal abuse as well!)

Vaccines have NEVER prevented or cured a single disease except the dreaded PPD, Pharmaceutical Poverty Disease. Let’s be clear: vaccines are a hoax, just as the safety of mercury or of squalene is a hoax. The “science” upon which vaccines rest is as corrupt as any pseudoscience has ever been. The health care impact of this pseudoscience is enormous. The risk-free profits are enormous.

The battle is joined. Your life and mine are under attack. Our freedoms, our survival, are literally at stake.

We demand an end to all mandated vaccines.

We demand unambiguous freedom to chose, or reject vaccines in our schools, our workplaces, in our lives, for ourselves and for our children.

We demand that the US Government and its political class, people like Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, stop supporting the voodoo “science” of vaccination and allow the People to take total control of their own health care decisions. NO MORE FORCED VACCINES! NO FORCED DRUGGING! NOW!

Nuclear Power, another of the Genomicidal technologies, is another unthinkably dangerous and uninsurable threat to our children. We mourn with the parents of Japan, faced as they are with the escalating dangers of the reactors that continue to spew forth in Fukushima and elsewhere, spreading death everywhere throughout this world. We mourn with them as they watch their children sicken and die, while their government tells them all is well… and the radiation mounts that will kill them AND their beloved children.

While the FDA tries to make nutritional supplements as unavailable as they are in the EU, taking away yet more options from you for your own health and health choices, Natural Solutions Foundation is moving in exactly the opposite direction – we know nutrition is a powerful tool for wellness and are using that tool in Japan.

You see, the Natural Solutions Foundation has established its Lollipops of Life for the Children of Fukushima initiative, www.LollipopsofLife.com, working with Dr. Chris Busby’s Foundation in Japan and Dr. Michael Sigler’s Live Well Pharmacy in Panama to demonstrate the vital importance of nutritional protection from the dangers ionizing radiation.

Dr. Rima Laibow has formulated the protective pops with the help of other nutritional medicine experts and we will be distributing them free to the children of Fukushima.

Nuclear, or ionizing radiation, like the other genome-destroying technologies, destroys through free radical formation causing free radical cascades that damage the DNA, changing it forever, down through the generations, if there are generations to come.

Dr. Rima, Medical Director of the Foundation, has created an anti-oxidant and radioprotective formula that can be added to BeyondOrganic™ candy to ensure that the Children of Fukushima have a chance to survive and thrive in this weaponized world.

Why don’t children here in the US have the Lollipops of Life option to protect them from the escalating radiation contamination they face in their food water and air? Because the FDA has made it very clear that nutritional supplements in a formulation and presentation which children like is unacceptable to them. Dr. Rima jokingly suggested that perhaps if we made dirt-flavored radio-protective lollipops for American kids, the FDA might approve them.

Please support this important initiative at www.LollipopsofLife.org and share it as widely as you can with your friends and colleagues.

My message to you today is simple, and similar to the message I asked my Co-Trustee Counsel Ralph Fucetola, JD, who is speaking to you today on my behalf to deliver back in 2008 at the End the Fed rally that was held a short distance from Wall Street, at the Federal Reserve Building.

At that time the Natural Solutions Foundation joined Dr. Ron Paul in warning of a pending economic crisis. That crisis is now upon us. It is a crisis created by political greed and wrong-headed economic policies.

We joined Ron Paul then calling for an end to the Federal Reserve System and a return to Constitutional Money. Those important monetary reforms are more necessary now than ever before. I urge you to become educated about Dr. Paul’s Monetary Reform Bills HR 1094, 1098 and 2768 and to help educate decision makers about them.

Yes, there is a war for, no let me correct that, AGAINST your minds and bodies. You are the front line troops in that undeclared but ultimately lethal war. It is a war where the perpetrators, the US ruling class of political cronies, claim all they need is more power over our lives and they will “save” us from the disasters their power has carefully unleashed upon us.

We reject that centralizing tyranny over our bodies, choices and minds. We reject the notion that only more power in the hands of Federal authorities will save us from the harms caused by amalgamated Corporate/Federal power.

As Dr. Paul says of the FDA, giving that agency more power over our Health and Food is giving it more “power to abuse.”

We call for the end to the abuse of power!

We call for an end to the excessive political power exercised by Wall Street and its corporate cronies in Washington.

We demand the restoration of the Constitutional Republic.

We declare sovereignty over our bodies and our lives, as the Constitution of these United States documents that we already have. And we declare an end to forced vaccination and drugging.

Our lives, the lives of our children and the survival of all living things depend on it!

Please tell everyone in your social network about www.LollipopsofLife.org

Follow us on twitter.com/healthfreedomus and on facebook.

Ingredients_Healthy_FoodTomorrow, Sunday Ocotober 16, 2011 is World Food Day, when we pause and consider ending world hunger, mal- and under-nutrition. We will discuss the issue of Health & Food Freedom & Justice on tomorrow’s Dr. Rima Reports.

Please join us every Sunday morning from 10 AM to 1 PM for the Dr. Rima Reports at www.HealthFreedomPortal.org.

Thank you,
For Natural Solutions Foundation
General Bert

Natural Solutions Foundation Joins Young Living… For Your Health!

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Natural Solutions Foundation
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Natural Solutions Foundation joins Young Living —
the world leader in therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Lavender Fields for Essential Oils

At a time when more and more people are seeking Natural Solutions for their health and wellness we are pleased to announce our affiliation with Young Living Essential Oils. Aromatherapy is used for mind, body, and spirit relaxation and comfort.

Dr. Rima

Research has shown that the powerful properties of essential oils can assist the body in many ways. Oils can support the body’s immune system, assist with pain management, relaxation and stress relief, energy & vitality, and more! Young Living is the world leader in the industry. Their quality and purity standards are the most stringent in essential oils…for this reason we have chosen to offer you the best!

Please visit our site today where you can purchase these wonderful, safe, and eco-friendly products: www.NSFAromatherapy.com . Our Young Living member number is 1150601.

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For questions or aromatherapy consultations, please contact our mentors, Christina or Nancy, who are both Certified Clinical Aromatherapists, Holistic Health Educators and Medical Intuitives. They are supporting us in this journey and are happy to assist you. Here is their info:

Christina M. Santiago, CHBC, CCA, CRTP (languages: English/Spanish/French)
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Remember, visit us at: www.NSFAromatherapy.com

Young Living Essential Oils from Nature

Essential Oils from Nature

Also take a look at the Seed to Seal YouTube video:

GMO FILES: GMO Alfalfa in the Supreme Court “And the Winner IS….”

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Natural Solutions Foundation
The Voice of Global Health Freedom™
Dr. Rima Reports: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=4850

June 30, 2010

BAN GMOs! Most plants are genetically modified to withstand (and thus encourage) high levels of dangerous agricultural chemicals like glyphosate, the active ingredient of Monsanto’s Roundup(c). The chemicals are toxic and the GMOs themselves are not tested for safety before FDA approves them, are forbidden to be labeled as GMO by the FDA and are associated with cancer, infertility, autoimmune diseases, fetal death and permanent changes to DNA in very cell of people who eat GMOs! More than 90% of the US food supply is either GMO or contains ingredients made from DNA. It’s time to end “FRANKEN-FOODS”! Click here, http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/568/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=2049, to demand a total ban on GMOs and a scientific effort to find out how bad the genetic damage has been and how to correct it while there is still time.

FDA wants us to withdraw our Stop the Shot Citizens Petition. What a great reason to press forward! Click here to add your support to getting dangerous vaccines out of our healthcare system, our bodies and our children!

Valley of the Moon™ Eco Demonstration Project, www.NaturalSolutionsFoundation.org If clean, unadulterated food is important to you, you’ll want to know about, support, and perhaps participate in the Valley of the Moon Eco Demonstration Project in the beautiful, bountiful, temperate Highlands of Panama!

Contact me, Dr. Rima, at releyes@gmail.com with “VOTM” as the subject line if you are interested in knowing more and participating in the VOTM project or becoming a VOTM Angel. You should also know that VotM can accept participation through legal offshore IRA/401 involvement. This makes a good deal of sense now that the US Government is within striking distance of your retirement funds to turn them into annuities “guaranteed” by the “strength” of the US Treasury!.
You can also contact Trustee and Counsel Ralph Fuectola, JD, at ralph,fucetola@usa.net or on Skype at “vitaminlawyer”.


The US Supreme Court gave us a tremendous win by making it clear, as the article below shows, that consumers – that’s us – have the right to sue corporations and government agencies to stop poor regulations from going into effect.

That’s exactly what the Natural Solutions Foundation is doing in our Stop the Shot case against the FDA and in our Ear Candling case against the same corrupt, multinational-corporation-controlled FDA.

In the first case, we are now preparing to file for the third time. Each of the first two times that we filed this case which says that US law clearly and unambiguously says that vaccines must be tested and shown to be BOTH safe and effective before they can be released to the public. No flu vaccine has passed those two tests. For that matter, no vaccine has passed those tests.

But the FDA continues to support the use of more, and more toxic, vaccines for children and adults in the absence of a single shred of evidence that vaccines work or are safe.

Each time we filed the Stop the Shot case, the standing of the plaintiffs (us) was undermined when the agency which was meancing our defendants with job loss or worse backed off on the eve of the trial going forward. Both times the judge said, “Well, you’ve won!” and sent us out of the Court House to go celebrate. But that was not the win we were looking for. We don’t just want the corrupt Department of Health Commissioner in New York State and the Governor to back down, we want all influenza vaccine banned. The next time, it was the mandate for all children under 5 in New Jersey to be vaccinated before they could be enrolled in a state-licensed day care center.

That is not what we are looking for although we congratulate the parents of young New Jersey children on having that mandate lifted.

We want a full and total ban on vaccines which have not been tested to prove their safety OR their effectiveness, as required by US law. That means that ALL influenza vaccines (and all other vaccines, but our standing is for influenza vaccine complaints right now) are, in fact, illegal, untested drugs in the US! That includes the absurd and dangerous H1N1 vaccines.

Yesterday, the FDA called the Natural Solutions Foundation asking us to withdraw our Citizens Petition about the dangers and illegality of the H1N1 vaccines! Why? Well, perhaps because about 5 months ago, just after a health emergency had been declared, they told us they would respond to us within 6 months since they were too busy to respond to our emergency petition [sic!] and the 6 months is almost up. Now they have to deal with us and they would clearly rather not. It is a great time for your to sign that Citizens Petition here: http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/568/campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=27791.

So the FDA appears to be asking us NOT to go forward with our campaign to get dangerous vaccines off the market and out of our bodies. That seems to us the very best indication that we are definitely on the right track.

What does that have to do with GMOs? Everything. First, the principle of the Uber-Cartel. The companies which make genetically modified organisms (GMOs) do so to make sure that they tolerate and/or require very high levels of the highly profitable and enormously toxic herbicides and pesticides which destroy the balance of nature and create sick plants and super weeds and pests, requiring yet more of the toxic chemicals. In fact, when GMO crops are planted, the average use of toxic agrochemicals increases by 400% or more.

Of course, these toxin chemicals, such as the new generation of Monsanto’s Roundup(c), containing 70% Agent Orange [dioxin] get into your body, the environment and, tragically, the unprotected bodies of the unsuspecting farm workers whose cancers, infertility, fetal and infant death mimic those of the general population which eats these foods. Codex Alimentarious, the International Food Code, habitually sets permissible limits for foods so high that any limitation is meaningless.

When eaten, these toxic, genetically altered foods literally change the DNA of every cell of the eater – you – and any children that are in the womb or that come after you will also have permanently altered DNA. And so will the plants and animals whose DNA is contaminated by the contaminated DNA of these dangerous foods.

Cancer, permanent genetic alteration, decreased immune function, infertility, sterility, fetal and infant death, auto immune disease, gut, kidney and other organ damage are the rule in every study NOT sponsored by industry which looks at GMO ingestion. But the FDA and USDA do not, and, in fact, MAY not examine the safety or dangers of these patented organisms.

More than 90% of US food is now either genetically modified or contains ingredients derived from GMOs or both.

When you get sick, the very same companies that made money from the sale of the GMOs which required increasing amounts of toxic chemicals to grow AND manufactured and marketed the toxic chemicals are the companies that make the drugs that you are supposed to take when you get sick from their GMOs and toxic chemicals.

The model is circular. The effect is disastrous. That cycle of profit and death is what I call the “Uber-Cartel”.

We all understand that GMOs are untested and that they hide within our food supply since they MAY NOT be labeled, thanks to the every industry-friendly, corrupt and dangerous FDA. We all also understand that the manufacturer of 95% of the genetically modified seed and animal stock in the world, Monsanto, is as ruthless as any corporation in the world in contaminating farmers’ fields, controlling markets regardless of the tragic consequences of such control (e.g., starvation, farmers being driven off their land, increased cancer, infertility, deaths, starvation, crop failure, etc.).

Alfalfa is the 4th largest crop grown in the US after corn (almost entirely GMO in the US), soy (nearly all GMO) and wheat (emerging as a GMO crop now that Japan and other countries have dropped their ban on US wheat if GMO varieties were developed). Fed to cows, organic alfalfa is essential or organic dairy and beef production. It is also impossible to produce organic alfalfa if GMO alfalfa is grown anywhere in the area because of short and long distance contamination.

The USDA approved alfalfa for general planting and use with the usual lack of caution or sense. But this time, when they did so in the absence of the required Environmental Impact Statement, the Center for Food Safety sued. A lower court found that the approval of Roundup Ready(C) alfalfa seeds in the absence of the necessary studies was legal and Monsanto announced victory. But push back is a funny thing: dedicated people and groups are willing to fight the long fight, slog the long slog, to make sure that the right thing is done, that lawful outcomes are the result. The District Court ruled that the planing could not go forward and the case was appealed.

The Supreme Court ruled recently on the case and both Monsanto and the Center for Food Safety declared victory, Monsanto because the total ban on planing GMO alfalfa was reversed and the Center for Food Safety because the Supreme Court did not disagree that the USDA had mistakenly approved GMO alfalfa prematurely AND, even ore importantly, because the Supreme Court, for the first time, affirmed the concept that has also now ruled for the very first time ‘that “environmental harm” includes economic effects such as reduced agricultural yield or loss of market due to genetic contamination, as well as the concept of what biologists refer to as “gene flow” (in practice, the idea that genetically engineered material may get into conventional plants through cross-pollination). The Supreme Court now accepts that this phenomenon in and of itself is harmful and illegal under current environment protections.’

As Michael Hansen of Consumer’s Union says, “That’s a huge win for our side … That’s gigantic!” Future lawsuits can now confidently use the gene-flow argument against approval and use of genetically engineered crops.

So although Monsanto is focusing on the reversal of the total ban of GMO alfalfa, we, the People of the PushBack, see it differently. We see that litigation is essential to this health freedom process we are engaged in and that it can be a very powerful strategy.

That is why our Ear Candle suit, to prevent the FDA from declaring any and everything they do not like as an unapproved medical drug or device, whether it is or not, and demanding that it be removed from the market immediately, and our Stop the Shot case, to prevent illegal, untested, unnecessary, unsafe and uninsurable influenza vaccines from being deployed are so important.

To add your voice of support to the Ear Candle Case, click here: http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/568/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=2521

To make it clear that you do not want dangerous, unnecessary influenza shots, which kill, maim and have no effect (according to major studies) but do make children sick and set them up for a life long battle with a weakened immune system, seizures and even death, please click here: http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/568/campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=27791

And to bring home the point very clearly that personal and local agriculture is not something you want to lose, please help to keep the horrifying S. 510 from passing the Senate, click here: http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/568/campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=27791

Oh, yes, one more thing: please give generously to make sure that we can continue to raise the health freedom voice high, sue wrongdoers, attend Codex, and otherwise make sure that the star of health freedom continues to rise: http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/568/campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=27791.

Now that you have taken these actions, please take a moment to read the article below.

Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director

Natural Solutions Foundation
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The Dr. Rima Network: www.DrRima.net
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Supreme Court’s ruling on Monsanto’s GE alfalfa: Who won?

by Tom Laskawy

June 21, 2010

The sustainable agriculture world is abuzz today with news of the Supreme Court’s ruling regarding an earlier lawsuit, brought by alfalfa farmers, that sought to stop any planting of Monsanto’s genetically engineered Roundup Ready alfalfa seed. While the press coverage heralds the ruling as a decisive victory for Monsanto, a close reading shows that, in fact, it’s a fairly significant win for opponents of biotech crops.

Hay dudes, not so fast

The background: As the fourth most-planted U.S. crop behind corn, soybeans, and wheat, alfalfa is worth $9 billion a year — the dairy industry is the biggest consumer — with annual seed sales valued at $63 million, according to a USDA study. Monsanto’s Roundup Ready alfalfa seed has been genetically engineered to be tolerant of glyphosate, the active ingredient of Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup.

Earlier this year, the U.S. District Court in San Francisco found that the USDA had illegally approved Roundup Ready alfalfa for planting — which the agency refers to as “deregulating” — by allowing Monsanto to sell and farmers to plant the seeds without the USDA completing a required full Environmental Impact Statement. (A preliminary one was under way.)

In response to a lawsuit filed by GMO-opposed alfalfa farmers along with the Center for Food Safety on behalf of consumers, the District Court halted all planting of Roundup Ready alfalfa until the USDA completes the EIS, which could take years. It also issued two injunctions: one that prevented the USDA from performing a so-called “partial deregulation” of Roundup Ready alfalfa, i.e. allowing restricted and otherwise limited planting, while it prepared the final environmental statement; the other stopping farmers from planting any Roundup Ready alfalfa starting with the 2010 crop year. (For a deeper look into the lead-up to the case, read Matt Jenkins’ excellent 2007 feature “Brave New Hay” from High Country News.)

Today, in a 7-1 opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito, the Supreme Court reversed both District Court injunctions, saying that the Court had overreached itself procedurally in halting the plantings. (Both Justices Steven Breyer and Clarence Thomas had conflicts of interest in the case — Breyer’s brother was the District Court judge on the case, while Thomas was corporate counsel for Monsanto earlier in his career, but only Breyer saw fit to recuse himself.)

Despite the news reports claiming victory for Monsanto, the Supreme Court did not overturn the central tenet of the case: that the USDA prematurely approved Roundup Ready alfalfa. The District Court, in effect, made it once again illegal to plant Roundup Ready alfalfa — and the Supreme Court endorsed that ruling. While the Justices did declare that the USDA, if it wants to, has the right to give the seed a preliminary approval (i.e. for limited, restricted planting), the Supreme Court decision does not by itself give Roundup Ready alfalfa the green light.

And it’s important to note that the USDA has not yet formally announced any intention to re-authorize the restricted plantings, which would come in the form of a rule for “partial deregulation” of Roundup Ready alfalfa. In fact, the agency and Monsanto had preciously submitted such a plan to the District Court in hopes that it would be incorporated into the final ruling, and instead, they received an injunction.

To some, that move appeared to be an attempt at an end run around the official rulemaking process. It’s not clear if the USDA will move forward with anything other than the “final” environmental review.

[Update:] The USDA office that oversees biotech crops, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), just released a brief statement via email in response to the Supreme Court’s ruling. In it, the agency leaves the door open to some sort of preliminary approval for the alfalfa seed, without indicating its intention one way or the other: “APHIS is carefully reviewing the Supreme Court ruling before making decisions about its next regulatory actions related to the deregulation of Roundup Ready alfalfa.” It also announced its intention to complete the full environmental impact statement “in time for the spring planting of alfalfa crops in 2011.” That start date presumes they get through the process without any more lawsuits or injunctions — not a safe bet, at all.

No mo’ gene flow?

More importantly, the Supreme Court has also now ruled for the very first time that “environmental harm” includes economic effects such as reduced agricultural yield or loss of market due to genetic contamination, as well as the concept of what biologists refer to as “gene flow” (in practice, the idea that genetically engineered material may get into conventional plants through cross-pollination). The Supreme Court now accepts that this phenomenon in and of itself is harmful and illegal under current environment protections.

“That’s a huge win for our side … That’s gigantic!” Michael Hansen, senior staff scientist of Consumers Union, told me. Future lawsuits can now confidently use the gene-flow argument against approval and use of genetically engineered crops.

Others share his glee. The Center for Food Safety called the ruling “a victory for the Center for Food Safety and the farmers and consumers it represents.”

For its part, Monsanto is spinning the ruling positively. In a statement posted on its website, the company said: “This is exceptionally good news received in time for the next planting season. Farmers have been waiting to hear this for quite some time. We have Roundup Ready alfalfa seed ready to deliver and await USDA guidance on its release. Our goal is to have everything in place for growers to plant in fall 2010.”

Well, from all appearances Monsanto has this flat wrong. Farmers can’t plant Roundup Ready alfalfa just yet. And even if the USDA tries for that preliminary approval, the Supreme Court made very clear that today’s ruling does not presume that any preliminary approval is (or isn’t) legal.

Indeed, the legal issues at the heart of the ruling aren’t over the rights of corporations or the science behind genetically engineered seed, but about the separation of powers between co-equal branches of government. The Supreme Court today stopped a District Court from telling a federal agency that it couldn’t make regulatory rules. For the judiciary to stop the government from doing its job requires meeting a very rigorous set of standards. After the Supreme Court decided to make this point the crux of its ruling, all the other issues fell by the wayside. Another way of looking at it is that the supposed “overreach” by the District Court was against the USDA, not Monsanto.

The Supreme Court has also made the point very clearly that outside groups have the ability to file lawsuits in order to stop any poorly conceived or improperly executed rule that a federal agency passes. And surprisingly enough, the Court — with its expansion of the definition of “environmental harm” to include things like gene flow — just gave consumer groups a whole new set of legal weapons to wield against the same companies currently crowing over the implications of today’s events.

GMO Files: GMO Crops Fail, Cost More, Increase Toxin Use

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

Natural Solutions Foundation
The Voice of Global Health Freedom™

Dr. Rima introduces an interesting Bloomberg article and discusses some of the latest Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) developments in this Health Freedom USA Blog entry. Dr. Rima and Gen. Bert are traveling for the next several weeks, meeting with various food NGO and agency representatives in countries that want to protect their citizens, under the Precautionary Principle, from untested and unlabeled GMO products. This International Decade of Nutrition investigative tour will culminate at the Codex nutrition committee meeting in Canada, at the beginning of May.

Ban ALL GMOs. GMOs are untested, unsafe and dangerous: http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/568/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=2049

Donate to keep Health Freedom Free: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?page_id=189

Interesting Bloomberg article yesterday entitled, Big Bucks at Stake. What is remarkable is what Bloomberg recommends in the article… But first some background. The United States FDA approves GMO foods and feeds without any safety testing of significance. Early on in the process of releasing GMOs, the company which owns the patented gene provides the FDA with whatever edited data it chooses to show that the organism in is “safe”, no matter how weak, contrived or meaningless that data is.

No further safety testing is carried out by the FDA, nor are further safety data reviewed, IF they exist.

But, in the largest involuntary human experiment ever conducted, with zero informed consent possible, the world’s food, as it comes through the US food system, its seed system and its feed system, is contaminated with unlabeled, un-traceable GMOs. Any long term (or, for that matter, short term) effects will never be known because who is eating what GMO gene, promoter virus or bacterial marker sequence is totally unknowable. This is the effect of FDA refusing to require “truthful and not misleading” GMO labeling. In deed, the agency, in a true display of the arrogance of power, believes it has authority to censor even “GMO Free” labels!

At the forthcoming Codex Alimentarius Committee on Food Labeling (May 3-7, Quebec City, Canada), the US will, once again, use it might, military and economic power, to try to prevent GMO labeling anywhere in the world.

The article below neatly sums up many of the dangers we are facing if we allow GMO crops and animals, foods and feeds, to exist in our world. Because their DNA is unstable and contagious, there is, in fact, no long-term co-existence possible between non genetically modified plants, animals, insects and, indeed, people, and the modified ones. Does any company have the right to modify the genetic make up of the planet for profit and control? The Biotech industry, of which Monsanto is a particularly horrifying example (but whose horrors are shared by Bayer Crop Sciences, Syngenta, Pioneer, DuPont, Pfizer and a host of others) believe that they have bought that right by patenting genes. The science upon which these patents rest is totally inaccurate and invalid. None the less, the practice will continue unless, and until, nations and individuals take the science seriously and ban or boycott anything which contains GMO or has been fed GMO, is made with, by or trough GMO technology or profits the companies which own these patents.

But to voluntarily boycott these “Franken Foods” we need to know what products contain GMOs and what products are GMO Free. We pledge to do our due diligence best effort to recommend only GMO free products to help support the work of the Foundation.

There is little time left for those of us who believe that genes cannot be patented (since they are not “new and useful” inventions, but rather simply recombinations of existing DNA data, available in nature and free for anyone to discover) and that the biosphere itself must not be contaminated.

Through Big BioTech’s enormous marketing propaganda campaigns, which include providing large funding (through fees and grants) to industry, government and university scientists alike, tainting them all with unresolved conflicts of interest, it is very difficult to find unbiased information and Codex Alimentarius, of course, contributes to this condition by continually permitting ever-growing encroachments by industrial toxins and the like into the food chain.

Click this the link below to join global voices for a total ban on all Genetically Modified Organisms. Please take this action once for each member of your family and pass it along to every person you know, urging them to do the same.

Action Item: http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/568/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=2049

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There is a great deal that you, as an individual, can do about this direct threat to your health and future, and the future of your children. The first thing you can do is voice your rejection of contaminated foods and corrupt policies which permit and promote them.

If you are not already a member (or if you’ve not been receiving a regular weekly email from us, suggesting that your email provider may be blocking us) please join our Natural Solutions Foundation’s Health Freedom Action eAlert.

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The second action you can take is with your wallet: Make sure that you do not support GMO goods or companies that make it.

The third action, equally as critical as the previous two, is to disseminate this information. Contact Kathy Greene, our Volunteer Coordinator, at Kathy.Greene@usa.net and ask her for an Organizer’s Handbook, filed with helpful information about getting the word out to people who need to hear it.

Thanks for your activism. No one on the planet deserves to have their world contaminated and degraded for greed, by a hand full of ruthless death merchants.

Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD
The Dr. Rima Network
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation
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Big Bucks at Stake
April 24, 2010 Bloomberg reports:

“At stake are the costs to farmers who produce $80.3 billion a year in corn and soybeans, used in products ranging from Coca-Cola to cattle feed to ethanol. “Monsanto has become such a dominant player in the seed business that producers have real concerns that the price they pay for seed is going to be anywhere near reasonable,” said John Crabtree, a spokesman for the Center for Rural Affairs in Lyons, Nebraska, a nonprofit group that provides services to farm communities. “The fear is that the sky’s the limit.”

These fears are not unfounded when you consider that prices on everything from the seed to the obligatory fertilizers and pesticides that are required to make the GM seeds “grow properly” have skyrocketed.

According to a report by Charles Benbrook, chief scientist at the Organic Center in Boulder, Colorado, the influx of genetically modified seed has steadily ratchet prices upward. Seed used to be fairly inexpensive, in large part due to the practice of planting seed collected and saved from the previous year. With GE seeds, this ancient farming practice is no longer employed and farmers must buy new seed each year.

The 2009 Organic Center report, titled The Magnitude and Impacts of the Biotech and Organic Seed Price Premium, states that farmers who purchase Monsanto’s Roundup Ready 2 soybeans in 2010 will pay 42 percent more per bag than they paid just last year.

This is in stark contrast to the overall rise in soybean seed prices over the last 25 years, which was 63 percent. Between the years of 1975 and 1997, soybean farmers spent four to eight percent of their farm income on seeds. Last year, those who planted GE soybeans spent 16.4 percent of their income on seeds.

The story is the same for GM corn growers, who will pay just over twice the amount for the latest eight-trait “SmartStax” corn seed, compared to those planting conventional seeds. And GE cotton seed now cost nearly 6 times more than conventional. The report shows that the GE seed price premiums FAR exceed the organic seed price premium, across the board, for various crops. This should be an eye opener for anyone who still believes genetically engineered crops are the way to inexpensively feed the world… [Emphasis added – REL]

The only one who is truly benefiting, it seems, is Monsanto, who ended their fiscal year in 2009 with revenue of $11.7 billion. Over $7 billion of that came from sales and licensing of seeds and seed genes. [Emphasis added – REL]

So, is growing GM crops REALLY in the best financial interest of most farmers? Or are they simply being hoodwinked by fancy marketing that promises increased yield and reduced pestilence? Benbrook asks the same question, and has called for further studies to evaluate whether or not GM crop yields warrant the disproportionate difference in price. If previous studies are any indication, I believe the answer is no.

GM Crops Yield Unimpressive Results

In reality, GM crops create previously unimaginable profits for sub-par performance when compared to conventional or organic crops. And when you review the potential danger these crops pose to human and environmental health, the list is so disturbing you could easily say we’re all paying for poison when we buy GM food products. [Emphasis added – REL]

After 30 years of GMO experimentation, the data to shows [All emphasis added below – REL]:

* No increase in yields; on the contrary GM soya has decreased yields by up to 20 percent compared with non-GM soya. Up to 100 percent failures of Bt cotton have been recorded in India. And studies >by scientists from the USDA and the University of Georgia in 2008 found that growing GM cotton in the U.S. can result in a drop in income by up to 40 percent.

* No reduction in pesticides use; on the contrary, USDA data shows that GM crops have increased pesticide use by 50 million pounds from 1996 to 2003 in the U.S., and the use of glyphosate [Most frequently marketed as Monsanto’s dangerous herbicide, Roundup (c) – REL] went up more than 15-fold between 1994 and 2005, along with increases in other herbicides to cope with rising glyphosate resistant superweeds.

* Roundup (C) herbicide is lethal to frogs and toxic to human placental and embryonic cells. Roundup is used in more than 80 percent of all GM crops planted in the world.

* GM crops harm wildlife, as revealed by UK and U.S. studies

* Bt resistant pests and Roundup tolerant superweeds render the two major GM crop traits useless. The evolution of Bt resistant boll-worms worldwide have been confirmed and documented.

* Vast areas of forests, pampas and cerrados have been lost to GM soya in Latin America.

* Epidemic of suicides in the cotton belt of India. According to the National Crime Records Bureau of India, more than 182,900 Indian farmers took their own lives between 1997 and 2007 as a result of failed GM crops. It estimates 46 Indian farmers commit suicide every day.
* Transgene contamination is completely unavoidable, as science has recently revealed that the genome (whether plant, animal or human) is NOT constant and static, which is the scientific base for genetic engineering of plants and animals. Instead, geneticists have discovered that the genome is remarkably dynamic and changeable, and constantly ‘conversing’ and adapting to the environment. This interaction determines which genes are turned on, when, where, by what and how much, and for how long. They’ve also found that the genetic material itself has the ability to be changed according to experience, passing it on to subsequent generations.

* GM food and feed linked to deaths and sicknesses both in the fields in India and in lab tests around the world.

How Can YOU Stop Monsanto from Ruling, and Ruining, the Food Supply?

Allowing Monsanto to monopolize the market could have lethal consequences for all of us. Because not only is Monsanto doing what it can to eliminate competition from other agricultural biotech products, their end game is to do away with conventional seeds, period. As I’ve discussed in many previous articles, this is a threat to human civilization and would spell disaster for the entire planet. Fortunately, you don’t have to be directly involved in the legal or political end of the battle.

You, as an ordinary citizen, still have the power to make perhaps an even GREATER difference in how business will pan out for Monsanto – by steering the market demand toward non-GMO crops and foods. Every time you choose to buy a non-GMO product over a product that contains GM ingredients, you are making a dent in the empire that is Monsanto.

While you’re waiting for the leaders of the world to catch up, take advantage of local sources of organic foods as often as you can. You can also avoid GM foods by:

* Reducing or Eliminating Processed Foods. Some 75 percent of processed foods contain GM ingredients. Use the Non-GMO Shopping Guide, available for free at www.NonGMOShoppingGuide.com.

* Read produce and food labels. When looking at a product label, if any ingredients such as corn flour and meal, dextrin, starch, soy sauce, margarine, and tofu (to name a few) are listed, there’s a good chance it has come from GM corn or soy,unless it bears the USDA organic seal.

* Buy organic produce. Buying organic is currently the best way to ensure that your food has not been genetically modified.

Note: All Emphasis Added – REL

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