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BioAcoustics Classes and Software for Health Freedom Supporters

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Natural Solutions Foundation
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Special Offer for Natural Solutions Foundation!
Sharry Edwards, MEd.
Link to this page: http://tinyurl.com/radiationrescue
PayPal Link Below, to Reserve Your Place at the Webinar Class
Features: Dr. Rima and Sharry Edwards, MEd.
– April 1, 2012 – 6 to 8 PM EDT

Sharry Edwards has agreed to offer a special April 1, 2012 Class for the Natural Solutions Community. This class features the Radiation Rescue Course: class, text & programs. The intent is to empower you to determine what natural, nutrient means you can use to support normal structure and function in the face of the ongoing disaster that continues to emanate from Fukushima. Class donation: $50.00. You need to pay using the same name you will use to attend, as only one attendee computer link per paid name will be allowed.

In addition to the on line class, the text and sample program, you will be invited to join the Frequency Response Team at the Free World Network. This on-going private expressive association activity will keep you up-to-date on frequency responses to a weaponized world.

PayPal Link to Reserve Your Place at the Webinar Class

Description: Radiation Exposure/Rescue – Because we have been lied to, the facts and dangers moderated, the regulations skewed. A recent study published in the December 2012 edition of the International Journal of Health Services states that over 14,000 deaths can be directly contributed to radiation exposure from Fukushima. Radiation is destroying our cells setting us up for serious health problems. The evidence shows that Radiation damage to cells during the next few years, decades will have devastating effects on health.

In addition to the special April 1, 2012 class, Sound Health separately offers other classes for Health Freedom web site users:

To provide alternatives to the ever increasing restrictions placed on Health Care and Health Freedom, a small, federally registered non-profit biotech company, Sound Health Research, has organized a series of workshops designed to address some of the urgent health care needs of our US population in general; and for people who have expressed a desire to help teach and support the ideas of SELF HEALTH. Limited time offer.

No one needs to explain to us that our Health Care system is in crisis. Thousands of people experience it every day and there will be more misdiagnosis, rationed care and death if the bungling continues. Three reasons have been provided as potential causes for this predicament. Health Care is more about $$ than health, mandated “Standards of Care” are not addressing individual needs and a great many health-care providers are abandoning their practices because of rising costs and government interference.

“All three of the Trustees of Natural Solutions Foundation have taken Human BioAcoustics courses with Sharry Edwards. We use her system of vocal analysis in our work to help us better understand ourselves and those with whom we deal…” Dr. Rima

To benefit from the offer of free classes and software, please contact Contact: Ashley Brooks, Specialty Projects — 740-698-9119—info@SoundHealthOptions.com – tell Ashley you came to Sound Health Research from Natural Solutions Foundation, on Dr. Rima’s Recommendation.

Topic: Say Goodbye To Allergies

Seven, easy-to-use software programs are being offered so that individualized, computer reports can be created in just a few minutes. After each live, online, interactive class, each session with be posted on YouTube. Sound Health is attempting to help people address what has been identified as the most prevalent and stressful health issues:

[1] nanoVoice Personality Profiler – allows a person to determine intention and personality traits hidden within the words as people speak. – BECAUSE YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW the intentions and truthfulness of our leaders, your critics and those who attempt to manipulate you. It goes beyond The Secret as it reveals your authentic self. Available now – two hour video class from. [This is the program Sharry uses on The Dr. Rima Reports to analyze vocal truthfulness. REL]

[2] Nutritional Consultant – Because our food is being tainted, poisoned, denatured and irradiated; and they refuse to allow us to know which foods have been adulterated. Provide vocal analysis of nutrient concerns. They = BigGovt, BigPharma BigFarma, Insurance Companies & HMO’s, BigMoney, and BigFed…

Contact: Ashley Brooks, Specialty Projects – 740-698-9119 – info@SoundHealthOptions.com

[3] Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD) – Because our soldiers are being ignored, over medicated, neglected and warehoused in forgotten, underfunded and understaffed facilities.

We have identified eight nutrients consistent with PTSD and nine (9) protein markers for TBI. You can help by bringing this information to your community.

[4] Parkinson’s (and other cell-signaling stress) has become epidemic. GMO foods are taking a toll on our bodies ability to engage in normal cellular communication. Parkinson’s is just a catch-all diagnosis for a myriad of conditions created by our lack of attention to what is really going on: lymes, tetanus, allergies, inflammation, lack of B5…

[5] Say Goodbye to Allergies – designed to evaluate levels of substances that can create allergy symptoms from foods, preservatives, toxins, additives and environmental pollutants. Allergy Testing is time consuming and expensive. Use this software to pre-screen yourself, your family.

“A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of Truth.” —Albert Einstein

[6] CounterVailing the Season – Finding nutritional support via vocal profiling: flus, immunizations and threatened pandemics. The evidence supports the report that our government has allowed BigParma to use us as Guinea pigs for Profit.

BioAcoustically Speaking, plans to create infertility are being implemented through Gardasil vaccinations, threats and fear.

These software programs are being made available, on a limited basis, to the public so that a network of people offering HEALTH for THE PEOPLE by THE PEOPLE can be established.

Asked why the Sound Health Institute is providing this to the public, Director Sharry Edwards replied,

“There can be no change unless people can see options and hope for a better world. We want to provide solutions to a nurturing society that will allow people to use this free software and education to set-up community centers where people can be evaluated and informed about the health issues facing all of us. Without attention to our physiological and safety needs, we cannot hope to grow as a People, as a Nation, as a Universe united.”

“People ask”, Edwards continues, “what we do here at the Sound Health Research Center and that’s a hard question to answer because the answer is hard to believe. We have found the fundamental pattern of the body’s self-healing potential. Through frequency and its mathematical matrix of the brain and voice, we can support optimal form and function, reverse disease, predict health issues, accelerate healing and delve inside the body and mind using vocal analysis. We have the evidence and the supportive outcomes. Now we need to wait for technology to catch up with us.”

“And so we provide very special software to the public for free in support of them taking the information to their communities and spreading the word that we know will change us all and be our future.”

“Sharry Edwards’ work defines and demonstrates the unifying field theory that defied Einstein.”
– Dr. John Apsley

“I was a real skeptic at first –BioAcoustics seemed too good to be true. After seeing Willie’s progress, however, I believe that Sound Health is on the periphery of the greatest discovery ever made concerning treatment of the human body” – William Crum, former Governor’s appointee to the Ohio State Independent Living Council and father of Willie, A Sound Health client.

Other public classes will be on-going in 2012 and posted on YouTube: BioDiet (real reasons behind weight mismanagement), BioHazzards (all about chemtrails pollution), PreVac (how to protect yourself before and after forced immunizations), Allergy Assessment (discover your individual sensitivities to foods and other substances). There are over fifty (50) softwares that will be shared to allow people to discover for themselves if they want to choose Health Freedom and dominion over their own bodies. Participants will need a microphone ($20+) and the ability to download software. Doable with Macs but requires partitioning the hard drive. All results are expressed in terms of Frequency Equivalents as management reports.

Not intended to prescribe, diagnose, prevent, mitigate, treat or cure any disease.

1. http://www.naturalnews.com/z033881_health_care_profits.htmlDoctors speak out:
healthcare has been reduced to a making money factory by S. L. Baker,
features writer
2. http://www.pbs.org/healthcarecrisis/
3. http://www.pbs.org/healthcarecrisis/patients.htm
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6. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/medical-journal-article-14000-us-deaths-tied-tofukushima-
7. http://www.blog.parkinsonsrecovery.com/research-shows-link-betweengmo%
8. http://www.nvic.org/NVIC-Video-Briefs.aspx

112th Congress: Pending Health Freedom Bills

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Natural Solutions Foundation
Your Voice of Global Health & Food Freedom & Justice™
www.GlobalHealthFreedom.org – www.GlobalFoodFreedom.org

Dr. Rima Reports: Every Sunday Morning Starting 10 AM Eastern
Listen, chat, archive: www.HealthFreedomPortal.org

From Foundation Counsel Ralph Fucetola JD:

Dr. Ron Paul and several other members of Congress have introduced several health freedom bills into the 112th Congress. I summarize them here, quoting from Thomas.gov.

The relevant Action Item, where citizens can express their views about these bills, and help educate decision makers, is here: http://tinyurl.com/SaveOurSupplements

All of Health Freedom USA’s
Current Action items are here:

H. R. 3380

To amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act concerning safe dietary ingredients in dietary supplements.

    The Congress finds as follows:
      (1) Improving the health status of United States citizens ranks at the top of the national priorities of the Federal Government. The importance of nutrition and the benefits of dietary supplements to health promotion and disease prevention are well known and have been documented in scientific studies.
      (2) Since enactment of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA), dietary supplements have had an exemplary public health safety record. Based on national surveys, in 1994, 50 percent of the 260,000,000 Americans regularly consumed dietary supplements. In 2006, 232,000,000 adults over the age of 18 alone consumed dietary supplements, 53 percent of the United States adult population.
      (3) There were 4,000 dietary supplements in the marketplace in 1994, and in 2006 an estimated 29,000 dietary supplements were being consumed daily by Americans. Since the enactment of DSHEA, there has been 17 years of additional historical use-safety experience conducted by millions of Americans. Over 17 years, approximately 25,000 new supplements with new dietary ingredients have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under DSHEA and have and are being safely consumed by Americans.
      (4) Since January 2007, FDA regulations governing dietary supplement manufacturer good manufacturing practices, dietary supplement adverse event reporting, and private sector voluntary testing and auditing for supplement quality and purity have improved postmarketing consumer safety. Before DSHEA, these mechanisms did not exist.
      (5) There are DSHEA `grandfathered’ supplements, dietary ingredients, and classified products which were on the market before October 15, 1994, and `generally recognized as safe’ for human consumption. FDA regulatory policy, industry practices, and consumer marketplace paradigms have drastically changed over 17 years, but this policy has not.
      (6) The definition of a new dietary ingredient in section 413 of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (21 U.S.C. 350b) does not recognize the current safe market in supplements, nor how intensively supplements have been regulated over the 17 years since enactment of DSHEA to protect public health and safety, and should be updated to reflect this reality…
    Section 413(d) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (21 U.S.C. 350b(d)) is amended by striking `October 15, 1994′ each place it appears and inserting `January 1, 2007′.

    H. R. 2044

    To amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act concerning claims about the effects of foods and dietary supplements on health-related conditions and disease, and for other purposes.

    … In General- The Federal Government may not take any action to prevent use of a claim describing any nutrient in a food or dietary supplement (as such terms are defined in section 201 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (21 U.S.C. 321)) as mitigating, treating, or preventing any disease, disease symptom, or health-related condition, unless a Federal court in a final order following a trial on the merits finds clear and convincing evidence based on qualified expert opinion and published peer-reviewed scientific research that–

        (1) the claim is false and misleading in a material respect; and
        (2) there is no less speech restrictive alternative to claim suppression, such as use of disclaimers or qualifications, that can render the claim non-misleading…

    H. R. 2045

    To amend the Federal Trade Commission Act concerning the burden of proof in false advertising cases involving dietary supplements and dietary ingredients.

    …EXEMPTIONS FROM REGULATION AS ADVERTISING- No content of any publication shall be considered advertising regulated under this Act unless the content is intended by the seller of a product to promote the sale of that product and the content includes–

          `(A) the name of the product offered for sale;
          `(B) an express offer to sell the named product; and
          `(C) a purchase price for the product.
        No content excerpted in whole or part from a peer-reviewed scientific publication shall be considered advertising regulated under this Act.
        `(3) NO IMPLIED CLAIMS- In any investigation commenced by the Commission and in any adjudicative proceeding in which the Commission is a party, the Commission shall not attribute to an advertiser accused of false advertisement any advertising statement not actually made by that advertiser.
        `(4) NOTICE, OPPORTUNITY TO CURE, AND BURDEN OF PROOF FOR INVESTIGATION- Before the Commission authorizes an investigation of false advertisement by an advertiser of a dietary supplement or a dietary ingredient, the Commission shall send the advertiser a written `Notice of Suspected Violation and Opportunity to Cure’ informing the advertiser …

    … (5) BURDEN OF PROOF FOR FALSE ADVERTISEMENT CASES- In every proceeding before a court or the Commission in which an advertiser of a dietary supplement or a dietary ingredient is charged with false advertising, the burden of proof shall be on the Commission to establish by clear and convincing evidence that the advertisement is false, that the advertisement actually caused consumers to be misled into believing to be true that which is false, and that but for the false advertising content the consumer would not have made the purchase at the price paid. If a claimed health benefit of a dietary supplement or dietary ingredient is alleged to be false advertising, the Commission must additionally establish based on expert scientific opinion and published peer-reviewed scientific evidence that the claim is false. No order adverse to the advertiser shall be entered except upon the Commission satisfying this burden of proof.’…

    H. R. 2908

    To protect the First Amendment rights of individuals to share their experiences and perceptions of the effects of foods and dietary supplements.

    …Dissemination of Testimonials- Notwithstanding the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (21 U.S.C. 301 et seq.), the Federal Trade Commission Act (15 U.S.C. 41 et seq.), and any other provision of law–

        (1) no Federal official or employee may restrict dissemination of a testimonial containing a consumer’s actual perception of the mitigative, preventive, or curative properties of any food or dietary supplement based on the consumer’s experience with that food or dietary supplement; and
        (2) if a person disseminating a testimonial reasonably believes that the dissemination is covered by paragraph (1), such dissemination shall not constitute a violation of any Federal law…

    It is time to tell Congress that it must pay attention to our Health Freedom Rights! The FDA ignores Senators Harkin and Hatch, indicating that it is not interested in their views about dietary supplements and will continue its anti-nutrient policies.* We suggest it is time for the entire Congress to ACT! Please tell your congress-critters that is what you demand! http://tinyurl.com/SaveOurSupplements

    * as reported: http://www.nutraingredients-usa.com/Regulation/FDA-silent-on-calls-from-Sen-Hatch-and-Harkin-to-withdraw-NDI-draft-guidance

    Natural Solution’s Friendly Food Co-Op – International CSA

    Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

    New! Dr. Rima’s Truth Video Blog!

    The Natural Solutions Friendly Food Co-Op Syndicate Program™
    The Planet’s first International CSA — Consumer Supported Agriculture!

    This is the beta web page for: www.FriendlyFoodCoop.org

    The Friendly Food Co-Op is getting ready to open its doors…

    Friendly Food Certified products are products that are:

    * Friendly to the Earth,
    * Friendly to the Workers and
    * Friendly to the Consumers.

    Fr. Godfrey on “The South shall feed the North…”

    JULY 25, 2012 UPDATE! Dr. Rima and Gen Bert in Chile
    Fukusima PHUDE On YOUR Table?
    Fukushima PHUDE for YOUR Family?

    Q: Fukushima Food or Famine: Which Would You Prefer?
    A: Neither I’ll Take Dr. Rima’s Clean Food From the Deep South, Thank You!

    The US and Japanese Governments would like to introduce you to PHUDE that glows in the dark. Don’t Look!

    We have a better idea. How about clean, low-radiation organic food, real food, from the Deep South (Africa and South America)? Like that? So do we. That’s why General Bert and I are in Chile getting all our apples AND ducks in a row to bring you the cleanest, purest food on the planet at the lowest possible prices.

    Are we there yet? No, but we are working on all the details and, believe you me, there are a zillion details to sourcing and serving up clean food.

    Is it worth it? You bet!

    Is it easy? Well, let’s just say that if it were, one of the other so-called “Health freedom” groups would have done so. They haven’t. We are doing it.

    See a pattern there?

    So, watch the video blogs here or here www.DrRimaTruthvBlog.weebly.com and see where your next meal (almost) is coming from.

    Oh, yes, I nearly forgot. You need to invest. That’s what your tax deductible donation is, after all: an investment in your own well-being.

    We only live because you want us to live. The Natural Solutions Foundation exists to protect the health and health freedom of people like you with families like yours.

    After all, it is not fair that the elite have special food sources and you and I have… what? Contaminated, radioactive, irradiated, devitalized PHUDE.

    Not on MY watch!

    So make your donation here, http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?page_id=189 because it is only fair that you support what we are doing for you and then watch my daily Video Blog here www.DrRimaTruthvBlog.weebly.com.

    Between Fukushima and the coming US Famine, you need clean, Low Radiation Food. Chile and Africa can produce it and NSF is working hard to bring it to you.

    In my latest video update, I tell you what we anticipated in a meeting with official representatives of the Government of Chile, and what actually happened. It is very good news!

    Your health is at stake and you will want to follow this developing story.

    Yours in health and freedom,
    Dr. Rima

    We developed our Friendly Food Certification program originally to assure consumers that certain natural products were safe and wholesome in a world where the official designation of “organic” has less and less assurance of purity, as various national and international agencies allow more and more toxic additives to officially “organic” products… and as Fukushima continues to spew its deadly toxins across the Northern Hemisphere…

    Fr. Godfrey on how the South will feed the North

    You need assurance that you can obtain the good food and other products you and your family need to not just survive, but to thrive! And that is what the Friendly Food Co-Op intends!

    The President of the Natural Solutions Foundation, Maj Gen Bert Stubblebine (US Army, Ret.) has identified the four “genomicidal” technologies that are threatening our survival:

    1. Nuclear power,
    2. GMOs – Inducing the production of “novel” proteins and DNA structural change
    3. Environmental toxins and
    4. Vaccines/allopathic drugs

    Our Medical Director, Rima E. Laibow, MD, has shown that the damage caused by these technologies is caused by:

    1. “Free radical” cascades that damage cellular membranes and structures, including DNA structure.

    2. the misdirection of DNA protein production, telemere shortening and other DNA “errors” which are both maintained in subsequent generations of cells and transmitted to the offspring through this contaminated DNA.

    Dr. Rima further identified for us the most powerful (and, as it happens, profitable) Natural Solution: high potency nutrition based on, and from, clean, unadulterated, radiation-free, non chemical, non GMO food.

    Natural Solutions Center

    Thus, for the past several years, the Natural Solutions Foundation has recommended sources of “Beyond Organic” food and supplementation, such as six affiliate programs we have endorsed, which can be seen at http://tinyurl.com/naturalsolutionsaffiliates.

    While these companies are not a formal part of our Friendly Food Certification Program, as are our All Natural Valley of the Moon Coffee and the wonderful indigenous chocolate made by a small band of Bugle native peoples in Panama, they are of exceptional quality and are free from chemicals, GMOs, process irradiation and other contamination.

    These programs, while valuable, are in our opinion, not even close to providing a sufficient food supply which can provide astute supporters of Natural Solutions the Friendly Food Certified products they need to sustain both life and health.

    The ongoing disaster created by continuing, and escalating, levels of radiation from Fukushima makes all Northern Hemisphere produce and animal products unacceptable if radiation-free food is the goal. Since there is a general scientific consensus that there is no safe dose of ionizing radiation, the crisis is significant if not yet widely recognized.

    Thus we have determined that we have both a moral responsibility and a significant opportunity to source clean food from the Southern Hemisphere and provide it to our supporters in the Northern Hemisphere. Dr Rima and Gen Bert are satisfied, after several trips there, and the development of relevant contacts in the supply and sales chain, that Chile offers real possibilities.

    Their meetings with leading figures in the Chilean organic and sustainability communities convince them that a potential joint venture to sell our All Natural Coffee there and sell their organics here in North America and in Central America exists.

    More information will be posted here, as this potential is actualized…

    Stay tuned for future developments… There are, however, some good sources of the most wholesome food and nutrient products we can find today. Some of these products are offered by our company patrons, such as Nutronix, Emerald Express and others that Dr. Rima Recommends…

    So, in the meantime, please patronize our company sponsors:
    http://tinyurl.com/naturalsolutionsaffiliatesAffiliate Sponsors

    Health Freedom Action eAlert: 02.01.2012

    Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

    Natural Solutions Foundation
    Health & Food Freedom & Justice

    Action eAlert – February 2, 2012

    We’re Back!

    Action item here:


    Index: Dr. Rima Reports / FreedomFlash! / Sponsors

    Dr. Rima Reports:

    SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! One of the most popular social networking tools we’ve set up is the Chat Window (through Chatango) for our Sunday Morning Dr. Rima Reports Internet radio program. NOW we’re bringing it to you full-time through our Free World Network!

    We’ll be checking in on the Chat regularly, with the help of volunteer moderators, and we look forward to networking with you there! In the event our eblasts are stopped again, you can always find out what is happening on the Chat!

    The Chat Window is now live at: www.FreeWorldNetwork.org (just click on the Chat button and the Chat Window will pop up) — and, of course, it will remain posted at www.HealthFreedomPortal.org – the home of Dr. Rima Reports!

    Free people need information to make choices – HEALTH & FOOD FREEDOM’s own news and information system is free, in EVERY sense of the word. Not a member yet? Click here to see the Free World Network: www.FreeWorldNetwork.org — Share this with everyone you know! The often-updated FreedomFLASH! is the next big thing! Your updated FreedomFlash! is below!

    Next, our Push Back needs to be loud, focused and forceful – forceful enough to kill, for example, both SOPA and PIPA. Oh, wait: those bills are on hold — until we get distracted!

    AND NOW THE WORD IS THAT ‘ACTA’ – the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (treaty) IS EVEN WORSE THAN SOPA & PIPA! More details at the Action Item below.

    Click below to let Congress know that we will not surrender the Internet! Or accept any of the other Constitution-shredding bills and regulations that are working their way through “the system.”


    Ok: next is money. Support our corporate sponsors; LINKS at the bottom of this email. We love their products and use them ourselves and, of course we drink wonderful Valley of the Moon Coffee


    The new crop is almost here and I promise you it is well worth waiting for!

    Make a generous recurring tax exempt donation: CLICK HERE.

    Put your money and your values together here in our SEC Filed Investment Fund for Making a Difference While Making a Profit


    Gen. Bert’s Estimate of Situation!

    General Bert’s Estimate of Situation, developed from the information presented at the 2012 War Council meeting earlier this month has now been published!

    Read the media release, with link to the EoS, here: http://www.free-press-release.com/news-general-stubblebine-s-2012-estimate-of-situation-eos-health-food-freedom-justice-1328103524.html


    General Bert and I are in Chile this week, sourcing radiation-free, organic products for the Central and North American markets. In future issues of the Action eAlert we’ll let you know what we’ve discovered… it is wonderful!

    Yours in health and food freedom,

    Dr. Rima

    Dr. Rima Reports this Sunday
    10 to Noon, Eastern
    Special Guest: Larry Becraft Esq
    The “Dean of the Patriot Lawyers”
    We’ll discuss NDAA, SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, Bond v US…

    Listen, Chat, Archives…


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    New Evidence: More Red Meat = More Stroke

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    Heart Disease: Low-risk is not no-risk Share this

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    Datetime: 2012-01-18T11:07:01-06:00

    Feeling Stressed? Why you may Feel it in your Gut

    Source: foxnews.com

    Datetime: 2012-01-18T11:39:47-06:00

    Acetaminophen and Asthma – Understanding the Facts

    Source: healthcentral.com

    Datetime: 2012-01-18T12:00:00-06:00

    Study: Brain Injuries in Childhood Have Lasting Effects on Learning

    Source: healthland.time.com

    Datetime: 2012-01-18T12:00:20-06:00

    Making Well-Informed Choices Concerning Cancer Care

    Source: empowereddoctor.com

    Datetime: 2012-01-18T13:27:02-06:00

    Men vs. Women on Pain: Who Hurts More?

    Source: healthland.time.com

    Datetime: 2012-01-18T11:49:14-06:00

    Mental-health experts define ‘recovery’

    Source: latimes.com

    Datetime: 2012-01-18T12:00:40-06:00

    Preventive Care: It’s Free, Except When It’s Not. Share this

    Source: foxnews.com

    Datetime: 2012-01-18T12:44:20-06:00

    Simple Swaps for a Heartburn-Free Tailgate

    Source: health.com

    Datetime: 2012-01-18T12:48:42-06:00

    Gossip Could Lower Stress And Prevent Exploitation, Study Suggests

    Source: Huffington Post

    Datetime: 2012-01-18T11:51:25-06:00

    More Red Meat = More Strokes Says New Evidence

    Source: Medscape

    Datetime: 2012-01-24T23:18:13

    Santorum to Rape Victims: “Make The Best of a Bad Thing”

    Source: Think Progressive

    Datetime: 2012-01-23T21:03:51


    How to Reverse Diabetes Share this

    Source: realhelpfordiabetes

    Datetime: 2012-01-24T07:11:32-06:00

    8 Everyday Ways to Flatten your Abs

    Source: HeartDiseases

    Datetime: 2012-01-24T07:31:00-06:00

    7 Medical Myths Even Doctors Believe

    Source: LiveScience

    Datetime: 2012-01-24T07:32:32-06:00

    Home Remedies: Stop that Cough!

    Source: HeartDiseases

    Datetime: 2012-01-24T07:39:55-06:00

    Pain Intensity Greater for Women than Men Share this

    Source: EverydayHealth

    Datetime: 2012-01-24T04:22:58-06:00

    Cold or Flu? How to Tell

    Source: diabetesfacts

    Datetime: 2012-01-24T05:51:56-06:00


    Bleeding Gums Heart Disease – Gum Disease Heart Problems | Colgate

    Source: Julie Ann Dionisio

    Datetime: 2012-01-24T07:43:40-06:00

    Asthma and Heart Disease: Exploring the Link

    Source: Debbie Walters Staley

    Datetime: 2012-01-24T07:45:07-06:00

    How Books, Puzzles Might Help Ward Off Alzheimer’s

    Source: Socratina Tse

    Datetime: 2012-01-24T03:14:13-06:00

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