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I have attached a poem I wrote, after I was diagnosed at a hospital with
advanced spinal cancer (based on MRI results) and decided to go the
nutritional/herbal route only (that means no surgery, radiation and
chemotherapy). You may also see website www.wewant2live.com. If you
scroll to the bottom of the home page, you will see a picture of me
strangling the cancer monster and this same poem there as well.

*A Sonnet

On Being Told I Have Advanced Cancer
(dedicated to my nutritionist)

Along with what my doctor said, I swallowed
A wave of fear that swept and nearly drowned me.
Then from the mighty undertow there followed
A calm, uplifting faith that somehow found me.

I summoned all my strength to help ensure
I’d keep afloat, to breathe and not get battered.
I looked around for help to find a cure
And reassured those folks who really mattered.

I’ve watched the progress of my life take form
And as the months roll by I see I can
Rebuild the ship anew amidst the storm,
Because the faith I have—is who I am.

When friends and family ask me how I’m feeling
And am I cured? I pause and say—I’m healing.

Copyright 2006
All rights reserved with
U.S. Library of Congress
Barbara Ellingson


The Natural Solutions Foundation received the coveted Carlton Lee Award from the American Academy of Environmental Medicine at their annual meeting in Hilton Head, SC in October 2006.

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"What a great conference we attended! I love what Dr. Rima, General Stubblebine, and this entire organization is doing to fight the health freedom fight worldwide. I cannot applaud these people enough."


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